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This is the homepage of the QualityStreet email network.

QualityStreet is an email list for freelances who contribute to the London papers formerly known as broadsheets - whether as writers, photographers or sub-editors.

To join the list, fill in the form below. Our apologies about the convoluted prose in the computer-generated bits of this page.

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The QualityStreet list stylesheet

QualityStreet is a "moderated" email list. This means that messages are screened by a "moderator" - also called an "administrator" in some of the computer-generated text below. She or he checks they are on topic, then distributes them to the list members. And that means they won't show up immediately: the moderator(s) will try to do their thing at least daily.

The list stylesheet will evolve. To start with, on-topic messages include those about:

  • pay and conditions of work
  • relations with the client in general
  • requests for mutual aid with research
  • sharing information about work on offer
  • anything else that's not too far off-topic, really...

Messages will not be distributed which:

  • are actionably defamatory, obscene, criminally blasphemous or just too complicated to legal;
  • contravene the NUJ's Code of Conduct;
  • have degenerated into "flame wars";
  • are over 2500 words long; or
  • attempt to include anything that's not plain text

NOTE that you must be careful and precise when reporting problems with late- or non-payment. The worst libel you can utter about a limited company or plc is to suggest that it may be insolvent. Reporting specific, documented problems - that you invoiced for this work on that date, and were not paid by this date - is helpful.

The plain-text-only rule serves to keep the time taken to download list messages to a minimum. It also means that it is impossible (given the current state of technical knowledge and dastardly invention) for viruses to propagate through the list. The program that runs the list also takes all plausible steps to stop your email address being "harvested" by spam merchants.

The moderators are appointed by the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council. Their decisions are final and there is no appeals process.


Joining the QualityStreet network

Join ("subscribe to") QualityStreet by filling in the following form. You should only post messages to the list from the email address you give in the form. For the moment at least, list members will see the address you give on your messages.

You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. Once confirmation is received, your request will be held for approval by the list moderator. You will be notified of the moderator's decision by email. This is also a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to non-members.

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