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Imagine if you could go to a free site, type in your post code and have it
tell you who your MP is and allow you to fax them automatically?

It here!

--> http://FaxYourMp.com

The Development in Practice journal provides a unique forum for
practitioners, policy makers and academics to exchange ideas around
development and humanitarian relief work. Abstracts of the Journal are now

--> http://www.developmentinpractice.org


Illicit trafficking in radioactive materials is a booming business for the
"ecomafia", with 173 cases reported between 1992 and 1998. 

Radioactive material is stolen, abandoned by smugglers or terrorists, or
simply lost by negligence, and a lot of it ends up in Italy which is
Europe's largest scrap metal importer.

"We're living amidst 5,000 tonnes of radioactive metal waste imported each
year from eastern Europe," said Ermete Realacci, president of Italian
environmental group Legambiente.

Legambiente claim that Italy is sitting on a "radioactive waste bomb." 

In 1998 a foundry in Spain accidentally smelted radioactive material,
spreading a plume of caesium-137 across five European countries. 

---> http://ens-news.com/ens/nov2000/2000L-11-30-03.html


December 9th brings the No Sweat day of action against Nike and the Gap.

Pickets and actions are planned all over the UK. Both companies claim to be
opposed to oppressive labour practices, even claiming to be "market
leaders". But a recent Panorama programme revealed children as young as 12
working seven day weeks, for up to 16 hours a day.

London activists will be meeting at noon in Argyll Street (next to Oxford
Circus tube).

--> http://www.nosweat.org.uk


Timbarra Plateau is a unique high altitude wetland habitat in New South
Wales, Australia. This wilderness, home to at least 27 threatened species,
is an important Aboriginal sacred site. It is also the site the delta Gold

Sodium cyanide is in common use in gold mining, and is lethal in minute
concentrations. Major cyanide tragedies have occurred in Spain, Guyana,
America, New Zealand and most recently in Romania.

But the risk at Timbarra is far greater, because creeks near the mine feed
the Clarence River, one of the biggest and least polluted rivers in the

--> http://www.nimbinaustralia.com/timbarra/


There are many events to mark United Nations International Day of Human
Rights on Sunday 10 December. There's a full list in the DIARY, but they

A Die In at Kensington Court, London W8 (opposite the Israeli Embassy)
against the abuse of the Palestinian human rights.

Jews Against the Occupation is organizing this protest against Israel's
continuing repression of the Palestinians. It is part of the international
day of action which will include protests in New York, Los Angeles,
Toronto, Sydney and other cities.

You can endorse the protest on-line:
--> http://www.PetitionOnline.com/JvO1/petition.html,
or e-mail endorse at rantam.net. 
For further details, email roland at rantam.net

Action and Commitment for Change: A day of debate, challenge and celebration.
Special guest: Bassam Eid, Palestinian Human Rights activist.
Literary panel including Doris Lessing, Andrew Motion, J K Rowling, Meera
Workshops on Torture, Rise of fascism in Europe, Refugees, Arms trade,
Human Rights Act, Protest and change.  Poetry, banner making and drumming
Annual Amnesty International Interfaith Service for Human Rights at 6.30pm. 
All welcome to Service.

Tickets at the door £5  (£2 concessions). 
Organised by Amnesty International UK and Social Action-the Reform &
Liberal Jewish Campaign for Social Justice.
10 December, 1.00pm - 8.00pm at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St John's
Wood Road, NW8


Barbara Roche, Minister for State, is heading a review of the asylum
seekers voucher scheme. Submissions to the review must be made by the 22nd
of December.

The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns believes the system
should be scrapped not reviewed, and is co-ordinating an On-line Fax
campaign against the voucher scheme using FaxYourMp.com (see HOT SITES).

A few good reasons why:

Vouchers encourage racism, singling out people who look different.

Because the vouchers can only be used by one named person, who is usually
an adult male, they discriminate against women and children.

The vouchers cost more to administer than cash, so deliver less to asylum
seekers and cost tax-payers more.

--> http://www.ncadc.org.uk/



Friends of the Earth International and The World Wildlife Fund blame the US
Govt. for the breakdown in the climate change talks, though negotiations
were clearly pressured by multi-national companies.

The US claim they had reached agreement with several EU ministers "from
across the ideological spectrum" on the basis of the proposal from John
Prescott, who was "gutted" by the failure.

A few optimists are talking of a "suspension" of the talks, rather than a
breakdown, and there are plans for the conference to resume some time in 2001.

Danish Environment Minister Sven Auken said: "I'm certain a deal can be
achieved within this framework, but not at this meeting."

But US group, the National Environmental Trust, said "After January, they
could face a Bush administration almost certain to push for bigger
loopholes. There is no excuse for having walked away."

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that 180 governments don't agree -
the issues under discussion were more complex than those behind the
international trade rules that took more than 10 years to settle.
Unfortunately we can't wait that long.

--> http://www.newscientist.com/nl/1125/washed.html
--> http://www.pewclimate.org


World Voices is looking for the pioneers of new ways of living and working
to inspire a new generation.

The ‘Choose’ project will create a book, web site, CD Rom and exhibitions
packed with examples of new lifestyles and career choices. They'd probably
like to hear from you! Please respond to the short questions on their web

--> http://www.worldvoices.org/choose.htm
or e-mail lucy at worldvoices.org


£23,117 to £25,767 p.a.

CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, needs a web site
manager to develop the strategic potential of its web site so that it will
enthuse and engage supporters and enable the voices of its overseas
partners to be heard.

You will set in place and manage strategies and systems to develop and
promote the web site. You will also manage the day-to-day running of the
site including editing, some writing and working with designers. You should
have experience of developing strategies for web sites or other
communications, web-authoring skills and a strong interest in developments
in new web technology. 
An interest in third world development issues and some knowledge of the
Catholic community in England and Wales is desirable.

For full details please e-mail jobs at cafod.org.uk
Or at 
--> http://www.cafod.org.uk/employme.htm

Closes 14 December 2000. 


"I wouldn't say it's a failure - it's a non-success."

Danish Environment Minister Sven Auken on the climate talks



Reclaim the Streets: 020 7281 4621; rts at gn.apc.org
LONDON MEETING EVERY TUESDAY 7pm - Cock Tavern pub, Phoenix Road,


World Fair 2000 at Conway Hall Holborn, WC1
10am - 8pm
--> http://web site.lineone.net/~worldfair/

National Human Rights Day - Anniversary of the UN Declaration of
Human Rights. A variety of events mark the day, including:

1.00pm - 8.00pm.
Liberal Jewish Synagogue, St John's Wood Road, NW8
A day of debate, challenge and celebration. (See above.)

No to plan in Columbia - Picket of 10 Downing Street

Women's Rights are human rights.
Conference on women's rights in the Middle East.
10.30-5.30pm. SOAS, Russell Square, WC1

Die In against the abuse of the Palestinian human rights at 1pm - 2pm
Kensington Court, London W8 (opposite the Israeli Embassy). (More details

11: "Defending and Protecting the Rights of Street Children In Central 
Fred Shortland speaking at the University Catholic Chaplaincy 14 Windsor
Terrace, Jesmond.
7:30 pm for an 8 pm Start. All welcome.
---> http://www.amnesty-volunteer.org/uk/group77/index.html 

13: Green Drinks.
6 'til late at The Ram Page pub (Basement Room) 32 Great Queen Street
London  WC2
--> http://www.greendrinks.org/

14: Fund raiser for The Gandhi Foundation at Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, off
Bruce Rd.London E3 3HJ.
Suits and Savages (documentary film by Conscious Cinema).
PLUS: Speakers,Discussion,Mingling.Planning Future Events
FOOD n REFRESHMENTS. Please bring your donations large and small. 
Come as glittery as you dare. Wheelchair accessible.
7 - 11 pm
For more info., tel 0208 981 8409 and ask for Raga.

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