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7 December 2001

This issue:


Sent with the seasons greetings and all our wishes for a peacful New Year!

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The Prayer for Peace is said at Midday each day in 40 languages all round
the world. You are invited to join in:

--> http://www.gn.apc.org/peaceprayer/

The green fuse aims to make environmental philosophy accessible to a wider
audience than ever before, with briefings on key topics, a glossary and a
resource section. Topics include deep ecology, social ecology, eco-feminism
and earth-centered spirituality.

--> http://www.thegreenfuse.org


GreenNet is celebrating 15 years of working for peace, human rights and the
environment through the use of Information and Communication Technology.

Back in 1986, long before the web was invented, GreenNet services included
GeoNet, an international electronic mail and telex system, bulletin boards
and access to over 50 databases.

Early GreenNet users included Greenpeace, New Internationalist magazine,
Survival, Amnesty and Friends of the Earth.

Between 1990 and 1997 our 'Fidonet' system provided a means of cheap,
efficient electronic communication to thousands of individuals, NGOs,
academics, researchers and quasi-governmental departments in Africa, Asia,
Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe.

Today GreenNet still provides a unique service. This year Ethical Consumer
magazine decided GreenNet was the ethical ISP 'Best Buy':

"GreenNet scored top rating in all categories and is voted as the best buy"

--> http://www.gn.apc.org/anniversary/index.html


The Kenyan government are defying international law by opening up a
protected area of forest for development which is home to the Ogiek tribe.

The Ogiek intend to take the government officials who are responsible to
court. An elder Ogiek said:

"No amount of intimidation will deter us from demanding our God-given right
within the constitution."

Survival has launched a letter writing campaign in support of the rights of
the Ogiek. This hunter-gatherer tribe live in an area protected under
Kenya's Forest Act. The Kenyan government is planning to open nearly 60,000
hectares of forest up to developers such as tea planters and loggers. 

--> http://www.survival.org.uk/ogiekpr0112.htm


A massive price crash in the world coffee market has pushed impoverished
farmers into bankruptcy, with thousands losing their traditional lands, and
starvation looming.

Tens of thousands of Mexican coffee farmers have fled their fields in
search of incomes to feed their families. Many coffee producers in
Nicaragua are facing losing their land.

The coffee crisis gives new urgency to efforts to promote Fair Trade. Fair
Trade means a better chance of a fair and stable income, so coffee growers
can invest in their families' health care and education.

Jerónimo Bollen, Director of a Fair Trade coffee cooperative in Guatemala,
said, "With world market prices as low as they are right now, we see that a
lot of farmers cannot maintain their families and their land anymore. We
need Fair Trade now more than ever."

Most multinational companies aren't helping. Some companies have increased
their purchasing of Fair Trade, but Starbucks are still offering only one
Fair Trade line, and Nestle haven¹t even begun to address the crisis.

---> http://www.globalexchange.org/economy/coffee


The 2002 Housmans Peace Diary is now available. You can pick up your copy
for the usual price, stlg5.95, at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road,
Kings Cross, London N1.

If you're not within reach of the shop, then copies are just stlg6.95,
including postage and packing, to any destination.

There are generous discounts for multiple orders or for copies for resale -
enquire for details: diary at housmans.idps.co.uk

---> http://www.newsociety.com/pd2001fs.html


A new class of toxic chemicals has been discovered in breast milk, in human
blood, in food, in remote rural air, in wild fish, and in the sewage sludge
being applied as fertilizer on food crops across the U.S. A Canadian health
official recently summed up the discovery saying, "This stuff is everywhere."

The newly-discovered contaminants are brominated flame retardants. One form
of these toxins are called PBDEs, which leach into the environment from the
plastics in appliances, TVs and computers, foam in upholstery, and the
fabrics of carpets and draperies.

PBDEs persist for years in the environment, accumulate in the food chain
and concentrate in fatty tissues. Some PBDEs can cause cancer, interfere
with hormones, and disrupt normal growth and development in laboratory

Full Story:
--> http://www.rachel.org/bulletin/index.cfm?issue_ID=2109


AlterNet # 64 warned of the refugee crisis looming in Afghanistan. An
additional one million Afghans are now expected to enter Pakistan to add to
the two million already there. Countless innocent Afghans - especially
women, children and the elderly - will become the victims of starvation,
exposure to cold and diseases.

Now is the time to make a change for Afghan refugees - Find out how you can

--> http://www.gn.apc.org/action/afghanaidpage.htm

AlterNet # 64
--> http://www.gn.apc.org/news/alternet/064%2025-10-01.html


The Stop the War Coalition has organised a teach-in at City University on
Sunday 9th December from 2-6 pm.

Centenary Building, City University, Spencer Street, London. Nearest tube
Angel (Northern Line).
Entry fee:  £2 waged, £1 unwaged.
Speakers include:  Tariq Ali, Louise Christian, Suresh Grover, Jane
Shallice, John Rees and Jeremy Corbyn.

Topics include:  The New Imperialism, Afghanistan & Pakistan:  What Now?,
The War on Civil Liberties, Iraq:  The Next Target?, Women and the War on
Terrorism, Racism, Islam and the War.



Balfour Beatty, the main contractor for the Ilisu  Dam, has withdrawn from
the project on social,environmental and economic grounds.

The news had been greeted with jubilation by campaigners and by those whose
homes, lands and livelihoods were threatened by the dam. Speaking from
Batman, a town which would be impacted by the dam, Mayor Abdullah Akin said
that, "The people are celebrating".

Executive Director of the Kurdish Human Rights Project and Chair of the
Ilisu Dam Campaign, Kerim Yildiz, expressed his delight at the news;

"This Campaign, strengthened by the unity of human rights and environmental
groups working together, has helped to establish a precedent in sending a
clear message to governments and companies that projects like Ilisu are
simply not acceptable".

It's likely that Ilisu has now effectively been stopped due to the
consortium’s collapse.

--> http://www.ilisu.org.uk/

The electrohippie collective are running an online lobbying / direct action
throughout December to flood the Home Office website in protest against the
new Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill.

The bill:

* Would make it difficult for anti-nuclear campaigners to disclose where
radioactive waste is being held, and in what conditions of safety/security;
* Would allow the government to collect information on all electronic
communications and database it for years to come;
* Will enable the government to enact new 'Eurowarrants' that could be used
to arrest and extradite campaigners and protestors from one European
country to another.

The next key date to participate is 12th December, and on the days
following the passing of the new law.

For more details, see the electrohippies paper on "The Anti-Terrorism,
Crime and Security Bill" (available via the Anti-TWAT page).

Contact: ehippies at gn.apc.org

--> http://www.fraw.org.uk/ehippies/

Public key - http://www.fraw.org.uk/keylist.html


To mark International Human Rights Day on 10 December, there is to be an
action in opposition to militarism and violence at the Military Forces HQ
in Northwood.

Meet 7.30am outside Northwood Tube (Metropolitan line):

- Bring smiles, music, positive energy and creative nonviolence.
- A pack containing a legal briefing, information about working in affinity
groups, notes about human rights and war, and nonviolence guidelines, will
be available on the day.
- If you can't join, consider organising an action at your local 

operational military base. Or send a donation. Make 10 December a day
against militarism!
Accommodation is available at Watford Friends Meeting House from 5pm Sunday.

Full info:
--> http://www.northwood.cjb.net

Contact: d10northwood at gmx.net



Official documents, kept secret until yesterday, reveal that the United
States offered full and direct approval to Indonesia's invasion of East Timor.

The occupation has cost the lives of up to 200,000 East Timorese.

General Suharto briefed president Ford and secretary of state Henry
Kissinger on his plans at a meeting held just before the invasion.

"We want your understanding if we deem it necessary to take rapid or
drastic action," Suharto told them.

Ford replied: "We will understand and will not press you on the issue. We
understand the problem you have and the intentions you have."

Kissinger has denied the subject of Timor came up during the talks.

The invasion took place on December 7, the day after the Ford-Suharto meeting.

--> http://www.zmag.org/CrisesCurEvts/Timor/qanda.htm


Conciliation Resources is seeking experienced candidates for a senior

Co-Director (Organisation)
The Organisational Director will be responsible for the strategic
day-to-day management of CR, in close collaboration with the Programme
Director and senior programme staff. S/he will oversee policy development
and planning, fundraising, financial and general administration, office
management, personnel issues, information and communication, directly
supervising a small support staff team.

Commitment to conflict resolution and solid management experience,
preferably in similar environment.

Starting salary between £29,948 and £34,385 (+ 9% pension contribution)
Closing date: Friday 14 December 2001 ref. OD

For details on CR and the Accord programme visit http://www.c-r.org

Application pack (including application form), can be obtained from the CR



"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

Mahatma Gandhi




5 th
'Indigenous Movements' films at the Side Cinema, The Side, Newcastle. 8pm,
suggested donation £3.

6 th
Protest against Newcastle lap-dancing bar (behind Market Street Job
Centre). Meet 9pm Monument bring drums whistles cameras etc

8 th
Global day of protest to demand Mumia Abu Jamal's immediate release from
--> www.freemumia.org

9 th
'No Sweat' Action on sweatshops at Nike Town. 12 noon, Royal Quays,
Newcastle (just down from Meadow Well Metro).

9 th
Church service, part-inspired by Creation Spirituality, in south London.
Journeys and Gifts. 8pm St Peters, 310 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall. Service
followed by mulled wine & mince pies.

10 th
International Human Rights Day. Meet 11 am at Haymarket (Newcastle) for
direct action against the war.
11 th

Newcastle Environment Forum discussion on "Urban Agriculture and Food
Production". One of the speakers will be talking about the thriving urban
agricultural scene in Cuba. 5.30pm in Newcastle Civic Centre.

11 th
Charter for Basic Democratic Rights Meeting. New Labour's anti-terror laws
threaten us all. 7pm. Friends House Euston Road London NW1. (Opp Euston
station - doors open 6.30pm)

11 th
"Dark Days" a film about the New York's subway dwellers. Tyneside Cinema,
Newcastle, 8pm. Proceeds to help homeless people.

12 th
Green Drinks
6 'til late, The Princess Louise, 208-209 High Holborn WC1V

12 th
Zapatista films and discussion at the Side Cinema, The Side, Newcastle.
5:30pm & 8pm, suggested donation £3.

13 th
People's Global Action - Feedback from the Third International Conference
in Cochabamba, Bolivia 6-7.30 pm at Cumberland Arms Pub, Newcastle.

13 th
'Dance for Peace & Solidarity' at the Cluny (under Byker Bridge, 2 mins
from Cumberland Arms), with Ashram, Ruari, Just Us, & more, + Djs, cakes
and stalls. From 7pm, till late. Tickets from the Cluny or from Roots
Music, 56b Westgate Road, Newcastle.

15 th
Day of Protest Against Disney

15 th
Protest against Newcastle lap-dancing bar (behind Market Street Job
Centre). Meet 9pm Monument, bring drums, whistles, cameras, etc.

28 th
Christian CND prayer vigil at Albermarle (Newcastle) nuclear weapons
compound. 3pm.


Feb 11th -12th -13th 2002
The BIG FASLANE Blockade 2002
Three days of protest & nonviolent direct action at Britain's nuclear
weapons base called by Trident Ploughshares, Scottish CND, British CND &
Faslane Peace Camp.


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