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Lazaros Petromelides is a Greek conscientious objector who is facing trial
and likely long-term imprisonment:

---> http://www.gn.apc.org/eireni/cogr/greekco1.htm


Now it's official: A report published by the European parliament removes
any lingering doubt. Echelon, a shadowy, US-led worldwide electronic spying
network, is a reality.

In the cold war, eavesdropping was aimed at military and diplomatic
communications, but today it has switched to commercial targets and private

Echelon computers can store millions of records on individuals,
intercepting faxes, phone calls, and emails.

The report was prompted by claims that the US was using Echelon to spy on
European companies on behalf of American firms. Though MEPs claim there is
no conclusive proof of industrial espionage, there is concern about the
threat posed to privacy. 

"The real issue is whether Echelon is doing away with individual privacy -
a basic human right," said intelligence expert, James Bamford.

"Disembodied snippets of conversations are snatched from the ether, perhaps
out of context, and may be misinterpreted by an analyst who then secretly
transmits them to spy agencies and law enforcement offices around the
world," Mr Bamford said. 
Neil MacCormick, the Scottish nationalist vice-chairman of the Echelon
parliamentary committee, said: "People should treat their emails like
seaside postcards; that is to say put anything you like on them but don't
be surprised if someone else reads them."

The APC has long campaigned for Internet rights, and believes that without
proper protection the Internet could be transformed into a highly monitored
and state-controlled nightmare scenario.

APC's Europe Internet Rights initiative:


Federation of American Scientists - Echelon pages 


Guardian story:



The last Kalahari Bushmen will be forced to leave the
Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana when the local district council
cut essential services, such as food, water and basic healthcare. This latest
move is part of a long-standing drive by the government to evict the
Bushmen from their land to make way for tourism and diamond mining. The
government is forcing the Bushmen to choose between starvation and leaving
the land they have lived on for 20,000 years. 

The authorities severely restrict the numbers of animals the Bushmen are
allowed to hunt, making them dependent on government rations, and several
have been tortured by officials for supposedly exceeding their hunting

Survival is launching a letter writing campaign in support of the Bushmen's
rights. Survival's Director General, Stephen Corry, said today, "The
government of Botswana's outrageous and illegal treatment of its Bushmen
today makes a mockery of its claim that its diamonds are 'clean'." 

--> http://www.survival-international.org 


New research shows that some of the claims for fluoridation's benefits were
exaggerated, and the dangers may be greater than supposed.

The largest U.S. survey indicates that the reduction in decay resulting
from fluoridation amounts to less than one percent of the tooth surfaces in
a child's mouth.

Dental fluorosis is a defect of the tooth enamel caused by fluoride's
interference with the growing tooth. Fluorosis occurs on two or more teeth
in 30% of children in areas where the water is fluoridated.

It gets worse: Evidence suggests that fluoride could cause bone cancer in
young men and has been associated with arthritis. Additionally, Fluoride is
a hormone disrupter that may contribute to hypothyroidism (underactive

A long-term, low-dose rat study showed elevated Amyloid deposits
(associated with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia) in the
brains of fluoridated groups compared to the control group.
Fluoride Action Network:

--> http://www.fluoridealert.org


The GET IT centre is a training and access centre for women of Islington
and nearby areas of Hackney and Camden, run by the GreenNet Educational
Trust (GET). 

GET has considerable experience of working specifically with women since
the early nineties. 

The centre offers a series of basic ICT courses with full support from the
women running the centre. Courses are free and flexible - we can schedule
courses to meet your needs.

For more details contact Joanne 0845 055 4011 or email coord at gn.apc.org 
---> http://www.gn.apc.org/get/it


Proposed legislation in Spain to regulate Internet activity has enraged
libertarians who say the measure would squelch free speech. The "Law of
Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce" would force websites
to register and would allow government agencies to shut down websites.

"If the (law) is passed, freedom of expression in the Internet will be as
limited as it is in countries like China, Vietnam or Saudi Arabia," said
Carlos Sánchez Almeida, a Barcelona attorney who specializes in Internet law. 

--> http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,44110,00.html?tw=wn20010529 


A New Economics Foundation report published today reviews the innovative
ways social enterprise is using to tackle the problems of lack of finance
and appropriate legal forms.

Homeopathic Finance: Equitable Capital for Social Enterprises is based on
the practical experience of social entrepreneurs interviewed during the
course of the research.

You can download the publication free from the NEF site:

--> http://www.neweconomics.org


The Global 500 Award celebrates the achievements of people protecting the
environment. This years winners include a husband and wife team who have
rescued over a quarter of a million turtle eggs, a Kenyan doctor who almost
single-handedly transformed an old quarry into a much loved nature reserve,
and a Canadian teenager who began battling against pesticide misuse at the
age of 10.

Past winners include Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of
Norway, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Chico Mendes, the Brazilian rubber tapper who
was murdered during his fight to save the Amazon forest.

--> http://www.global500.org/laureates2000.html


A Greenpeace study on waste incinerators reveals health impacts, including
cancers, heart disease, birth defects, allergies and breathing problems.

The study criticises Labour policy, which it says, plans to construct more
than 100 new incinerators, “despite widespread public opposition” and the
fact that both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are seeking a

People living near incinerators risk exposure to a range of toxic chemicals
by breathing contaminated air or by eating contaminated produce, such as
vegetables, eggs and milk, or by skin contact with contaminated soil.

--> http://www.edie.net/news/Archive/4227.cfm

--> http://www.greenpeace.org/


Protests against prison conditions in Turkey have led to the deaths of 23
people on death fasts and it is estimated that more than 500 others are
currently on hunger strike in solidarity.

Turkish prisons have a history of violent unrest: In January 1995, 3
prisoners were killed in an Istanbul prison; in September 1996, 10
political prisoners lost their lives following a military assault in the
Diyarbakir prison, while on 26 September 1999 10 political prisoners were
killed and 28 wounded in an Ankara prison following another military
World Organisation Against Torture:
--> http://www.omct.org/


Although the World Bank has cancelled its conference in Barcelona, the
'counter-conference' will go ahead. The organisers feel that the reasons to
protest still stand, and want to show that the movement goes beyond
blocking meetings with a celebration of the fact that people united can
change the world.

The 'counter-conference' runs from June 16th to June 25th. Events include
workshops and a concert coinciding with la fiesta de St. Joan, a
traditional night of magic and fire. The conference will conclude with a
demonstration and trial against financial institutions in front of
Barcelona's Stock Exchange, followed by a Street Party and 'Dinner at the
Stock Exchange'.

logisticabm at hotmail.com

Subscribe to our mailing list:
bcn2001_en-subscribe at egroups.com.

Web site mainly in Spanish and/or Catalan, but some English translations: 
--> www.rosadefoc.org.


Trustees Needed

The Rescue Foundation has vacancies on its Council of Management. They need
people with experience in caring for children with brain-related conditions
(either as family or professionally), business, or charity governance. It
would be useful to live in either West Wales or Bristol area but not
essential. The Foundation carries out and funds research into cause,
prevention and treatment of brain injury / dysfunction in babies and
children, follows up the results of the research in various ways, and
provides information and support to families.

No animal or embryo research is funded.

Call Free-phone 0800 32 81 159 for more details. 

Contact Mr. John Edwards, Deputy Chief Executive:

rescue at babybrains.org

--> http://www.babybrains.org


"At some point we must draw a line across the ground of our home & our
being, drive a spear into the land, & say to the bulldozers, earthmovers,
government & corporations, "thus far & no farther." 

Edward Abbey



World Environment Day
--> http://www.unep.org/wed/2001/index.html

7.30 Moving in mysterious ways: spirituality in a post-religious age. Don
Cupit (After God*) Danah Zohar (Spiritual Intelligence*) Satish Kumar
(Editor, Resurgence) Chair: Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian)

The Breast Feeding in Leeds Consortium presents:
‘Infant Feening: The Neglected Facts’
by Maureen Minchin, Lactation Consultant, international breast feeding
advocate, author of  'Breast feeding Matters' and 'Food for Thought' -
Melbourne Australia. 1.45-3pm, Mail Lecture Theatre, Barnes Wing,
University of Leeds

9th - 17th:
Green Transport Week
We have set up an exciting range of activities, events and competitions to
celebrate this unique week! For more information contact Poppy Hayward on:
poppyh at envolve.co.uk
--> http://www.envolve.co.uk/e018.htm

@ 11.00am 
Hinton Waldrist, OXFORDSHIRE 
Vigil and march against two farm-scale trials of GM maize and oil seed rape.
foeswindon at hotmail.com or holly at gn.apc.org

12 th:
THE WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE - book launch / meeting 
Jose Bove & Francois Dufour (co-authors, The World is Not For Sale) 
Helen Salmon (Globalise Resistance & NUS nec member), Tony Benn, George
Monbiot, (activist and author of Captive State). Chair: Gillian Marshall
(Globalise Resistance) 
7pm, Camden Centre, Bidborough Street (opposite Kings Cross station).

14 th:
José Bové and François Dufour, Confédération Paysanne (France)
in evening of inspirational debate with:
David Richardson, farmer and journalist
Jan Godfrey, Chair of the Wayland Development Partnership
Alejandro Lopez-Musalem, International Society for Ecology and Culture
(Mexico), Clive Peckham, East Anglia Food Link

Does globalisation really mean the end of a certain type of farming? Can
farming still sustain the local
economy? What can we do to support farmers, here, abroad and in Third World
6:30 pm University of East Anglia - Lecture Theatre 2 Admission free.
Followed by a buffet of local produce for £3.50 -  Please book meal at
least 10 days in advance with Farmers’ Link. E-mail: flink at gn.apc.org

16 th:
12 noon - Carnival March to End the Prohibition of Cannabis:
Assemble in Kensington Park - Oval Tube. Departs 1.00 PM sharp to Rockwell
Park, Brixton. Floats, samba band and more. Bring spirit, humour, banners,
drums, your voice, to celebrate, remonstrate and 'dance on the grave of
Cannabis Prohibition' through Brixton to the Cannabis Freedom Festival.
Everyone counts.
--> http://www.schmoo.co.uk/may2001.htm

17 th:
Rally for Compassionate Living 
3pm, Trafalgar Square - a warm up for National Vegetarian Week! 
Celebrity speakers, music, Mahaveer Awards (part of the celebrations for
the 2,600 birth anniversary of Lord Mahaveer). 
Organised by the Young Indian Vegetarians (Veg Soc affiliated group), more 
details from: 0181 681 8884. Email: animalahimsa at yahoo.co.uk web site: 
--> http://www.indian-vegetarians.org

7. 30 Spirit Dot Net Erik Davis (Techgnosis*), Mike Eales
(Explorer of the human / tech interface) Jennifer Cobb tbc (Cybergrace*)
Chair: Pat Kane* (singer, The Play Ethic*)

28 th:
Eco-design for competitive advantage.1st regional conference for
manufacturing companies. London
For full conference programme and registration form see:
--> http://www.cfsd.org.uk/events/eco-d2001/index.html

19 th:
Women against sanctions against Iraq
Evening of talks, letters, poems, music and discussions that illuminate the
experience of Iraqi women under sanctions. It is 6 pm for 6.30 pm at the
Rectory, St.James's Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL. Iraqi
refreshments will be served.


3 rd:
7.30 Spirituality Untamed	Rupert Sheldrake (Natural Grace*), Annie
Lennox tbc (musician), Andrew Samuels (Politics in the Chair*) Chair: Indra
Adnan (Director, Poiesis). Tickets: £ 7.50 
For more information: SWord at Poiesis.org
--> http://www.poiesis.org
--> http://www.ica.org.uk

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