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The Haiti Support Group has focused on developing contacts with grassroots and
popular organisations in Haiti, believing that these organisations are the
dynamic and representative expressions of the Haitian people's desire for real
democracy, justice and equitable development.

Up-to-date news from the perspective of Haiti's civil society. Read about
opposition to the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and the formation of a new 
socialist movement.

---> <http://www.gn.apc.org/haitisupport>http://www.gn.apc.org/haitisupport/

Ecopsychology is situated at the intersection of a number of fields of
including environmental philosophy, psychology, and ecology, but is not
by any disciplinary boundaries. At its core, ecopsychology suggests that there
is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being; that the
needs of the one are relevant to the other.



The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, a professional
society concerned with the study and conservation of fish, amphibians and
reptiles, are supporting calls for a moratorium on genetic alteration of

Concern follows the announcement that Aqua Bounty Farms will begin selling
genetically modified salmon eggs to fish farms world-wide later this year.The
genetically altered fish have a growth rate of up to 600 percent higher than
normal so reach harvest size twice as fast as regular salmon.

Research is under way across the globe to genetically modify 35 aquatic
species, from carp to crayfish, salmon to shrimp. 

But what happens if transgenic salmon escaped into the wild? Conventionally
farmed salmon escape by the million and find their way to salmon streams.
Researchers have used a computer model to predict the impact of bigger,
genetically modified fish on a natural population. Bigger, genetically
male fish have a 400 percent mating advantage over their natural cousins, but
the survival of their offspring is poor. In just 40 generations, the whole
species is driven to extinction.

The model's dire prediction assumes that mature GM fish would be bigger than
their nontransgenic counterparts, and the results of similar modelling using
the Aqua Bounty Atlantic salmon as subjects haven't been published.

But wild salmon numbers have been declining for years. 

"The concern is that this could be the last nail in the coffin" for the wild
salmon, says Anne Kapuscinski, a University of Minnesota biology Professor and
authority on transgenic fish.

"What they do in the lab changes them quite a bit," said Oregon fish
Kostow , "and whatever that is, we don't want that in our wild populations.
Biologically, there is a big downside. We simply have no idea what this is

GM Super Salmon and the Wisdom of Tinkering with Fish:

Aqua Bounty Farms to begin selling genetically modified salmon eggs:


To celebrate their 19th anniversary of Faslane Peace Camp are holding a
week of
workshops and actions from 1-10th June.

They plan workshops on banner making, costume  making, tai chi, herbal
medicine, fire-chain making and fire-dancing, drumming, silk-screening/screen
printing, massage, wind power, tree  climbing, gardening stuff, sub watching,
how to climb over fences into the base, education for sustainable communities,
radical routes and housing co-ops... and more!

Where possible, things that have been learnt in the workshops can be practised
as part of an anti-trident action.

There will also be a beach and road verge clean up, a visit to the local
Community Farm for a day’s volunteering, a wind powered film night, an
party at the camp, plus a loud ‘Rage against the Base’ party at the South
of HMNB Clyde.

Tel:  01436 820901. 
E-mail faslania at faslanepeacecamp.org (but phoning is better because there's no
computer at the camp yet.)

---> <http://www.faslanepeacecamp.org/>http://www.faslanepeacecamp.org

In protest against George W. Bush's energy policies and the global lack of
on efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels, why not just turn it all
off? This simple protest is also a symbolic act: Turn out your lights from
7pm-10pm on June 21 in any time zone so that the blackout will roll across
the planet. Unplug whatever you can unplug in your house. Light a candle, kiss
and tell, make love, tell ghost stories, do something instead of watching
television, have fun in the dark!

The protest is a call for global education, participation and funding in
conservation, efficiency and alternative fuel efforts -- and an end to
exploitation and misuse of the earth's resources.

More info: nbruce at wesleyan.edu


Trident Ploughshares Summer Disarmament Camp  will be held at Peaton Wood,
Coulport (38 Miles from Glasgow) from 27th to 11th August.
These fourteen days are a big focus point of the campaign with lots of
disarmament work at the Faslane and Coulport bases. It's also a time for
workshops, meeting new people, renewing the vision and good fun.

For more information and a briefing pack e-mail davidmc at enterprise.net
For the Pledgers Workshops and the Training for Trainers e-mail
alison.crane at ntlworld.com

---> http://www.tridentploughshares.org


The first UK database of environmental and sustainable development awards is
now on-line.

EnvironmentAwards.net is designed to provide a one-stop-shop for potential
awards entrants, organisers and sponsors with over 200 awards listed.

The awards database is freely available along with discussion boards, details
of upcoming events and awards news.

---> http://www.EnvironmentAwards.net


More than 500,000 tonnes of banned or expired pesticides threaten the
health of
millions of people and the environment in nearly all developing states and
countries in transition.
In Asia, the quantities of obsolete pesticides are estimated at over 200,000
tonnes, in Africa and the Near East at over 100,000 tonnes, and in Eastern
Europe and the former Soviet Union at more than 200,000 tonnes. 

"The lethal legacy of obsolete pesticides is alarming and urgent action is
needed to clean up waste dumps," said Alemayehu Wodageneh, FAO expert on
obsolete pesticides. "These 'forgotten' stocks are not only a hazard to
people's health but they also contaminate natural resources like water and
soil. Leaking pesticides can poison a very large area, making it unfit for

The major pesticide producers are based in Europe, the United States, Japan,
China and India. Because large sums of money are involved in pesticide supply,
a variety of hidden interests surround decisions concerning pesticides.

A new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
calls upon chemical companies to contribute to the global disposal of

---> http://www.fao.org/news/2001/010502-e.htm

Meanwhile environmentalists applauded a significant and influential
decision by
China to ratify the "Ban Amendment" to the Basel Convention on
the Transboundary
Movement of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal. The Basel Amendment will
prohibit the export of hazardous wastes from the member states of the most
developed industrialized nations to the rest of the world (including China). 

Basel Action Network (BAN) is an international network of activists working to
end toxic waste export
and dumping.

---> http://www.ban.org/

ASDA currently stock Fairtrade Mark bananas in only 2 of their 240
buyer contacted all stores last week to ask whether they have had any requests
for them, so now is the ideal time for people to go into their local store and
make sure they're available. Every branch has customer comment cards which are
read carefully and do influence product decisions.

Fairtrade Mark bananas are already widely available in Sainsbury's, Co-op and
Waitrose stores.
 E-mail: mail at fairtrade.org.uk

 ---> http://www.fairtrade.org.uk

 ---> http://www.bananalink.org.uk


Nestlé Demonstration Saturday 19th May

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the World Health Organisation's
International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, and Nestlé is still
the target of an international boycott because it is the largest violator of
the Code.

Breastfeeding could save the lives of 1.5 million babies around the world
year, but aggressive marketing by Nestlé and its competitors continues to
undermine breastfeeding.
On the anniversary of the Code a demonstration is held at the UK headquarters
of Nestlé, and this years demonstration should be bigger than ever.

The demonstration is on 19th May between 11am and 12 noon outside the
Nestlé UK
HQ, St. George's House, Park Lane, Croydon. 

Nestle UK HQ is only about 10 minutes walk from East Croydon mainline station.
>From the station turn right down George Street. At the crossroads turn left
into Park Lane (easiest to cross Park Lane and then turn left. The Nestle
building is a few minutes walk along there on the right opposite Croydon

E-mail: jonathandorsett at babymilkaction.org

--> http://www.babymilkaction.org

The Bush election was supported by the big oil companies, especially Exxon
Mobil and Texaco, and now they're cashing in.

Exxon Mobil spends lots of time and money to get the message across that
Warming doesn't exist. In 1998 they presented a petition that was signed by
17000 "scientists". The Oregon Institute circulated the Exxon Mobil petition
for Science and Medicine, an obscure body whose headquarters turned out to
be a
large tin shed.

Greenpeace asked 100 of the biggest U S companies about their attitude towards
the Kyoto treaty.  Predictably Exxon Mobil and Texaco oppose the Kyoto treaty.
In response, Greenpeace UK, Friends Of The Earth and People And Planet have
launched a boycott campaign against Esso (UK arm of the Exxon Mobil

A Global Action day against Exxon Mobil is being planned.

--> <http://www.globalwarming.isbad.net/>http://www.globalwarming.isbad.net/
--> <http://www.stopglobalwarming.de.vu/>http://www.stopglobalwarming.de.vu 

E-mail: stopglobalwarming at firemail.de


Coffee production is labour-intensive and mechanical harvesting produces
quality coffee. About 70 per cent of coffee is grown by poor farmers on small

But genetically engineered coffee will make mechanical harvesting practical.
Small farmers won't be able to afford to the expensive GM seeds and chemicals,
and large farms will reduce their labour, driving yet more people into

Development agency ActionAid is campaigning against what it describes as
"unnecessary" technology.

The campaign comes just as Oxfam warns that the crisis in world coffee markets
may consign millions of coffee farmers and their families to extreme poverty.
International prices have fallen by more than 60 per cent in the last three
years, to their lowest ever levels in real terms.

Action Aid: 



Executive Director 
Salary £36,000 + 6% pension contribution War on Want is seeking a dynamic new
Executive Director who will ensure that they remain at the forefront of the
debate about globalisation, speaking up for those seeking social and economic

The ideal candidate will have proven leadership qualities, excellent
organisational skills and the ability to be an exceptional advocate in the
international campaign against world poverty.

For a recruitment pack, please write to David Rudkin, War on Want, 37-39,
Guildford Street, London SE1 0ES, call 0207 620 1111 or e-mail your details to
drudkin at waronwant.org

Closing date for receipt of completed applications: 10am, Fri 1 June 2001 



The Peru Support Group (PSG) is a voluntary organisation which aims to raise
awareness in the UK about issues of concern in Peru. 

This is an exciting and challenging post for someone to co-ordinate the
activities of the PSG which include lobbying and media work, producing and
distributing publications, organising conferences and workshops, managing
funding proposals and activities and networking with organisations in Peru,
UK and other European countries.

Fluent English, sound Spanish, good communication skills and knowledge of Peru
and/or Latin American issues are essential, as well as competence in computer
skills. Experience of lobbying and advocacy work would be an advantage.

The successful candidate will be employed for 4 or 5 days a week (to be
negotiated), to work mainly on his/her own initiative within the guidelines of
the PSG's aims and objectives. S/he will receive support from the Executive

Salary for 5 days a week: (£16 - £17,500).

Closing date: 5pm Wednesday 23 May 2001

For details and an application pack contact Marcia Walker: 
perusupport at gn.apc.org

Or visit our website at www.perusupportgroup.co.uk

ECRA is seeking two highly motivated people to join its thriving

Researcher/Writers are required to assist with research and writing for ECRA's
consultancy service and the influential EC Magazine.

Excellent organisational skills, computer literacy, the ability to work
independently and to deadlines is essential. Applicants should also have an
interest in environmental issues and ethical 
consumerism. Good written English, an eye for detail and research skills are

Not much money as the posts are essentially voluntary (£57 p/w + bonuses), but
job satisfaction and flexible working hours guaranteed. We ask for a
minimum of
25 hours a week.

Send CV and covering letter to ECRA Publishing Ltd, Unit 21, 41 
Old Birley Street, Manchester, M15 5RF or e-mail ruth at ethicalconsumer.org by
Tuesday 29th May.

Phone 0161 226 2929 or see www.ethicalconsumer.org for more 



"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that
I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being let me do it
Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not 
pass this way again."

Stephen Grellet, 1773-1855 
French-born Quaker Minister



Biological Weapons and the New Genetics
Avoiding the Threat

School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London
10.00am to 4.30pm, Friday 18th May 2001
Organised by Genewatch

26 th:
Spirit of the Land
Christian/Druid dialogue conference will be held at Antrobus House, Amesbury,

Speakers include Martin Palmer of The Sacred Lands Trust, Gordon Strachan,
author of Jesus the Master Builder, Matthew McCabe of the Order of Bards
and Druids and independent Druid and interfaith activist Annie Burkitt.

The theme for the day will be "Loss." This will focus on loss of connection
with the land, spiritual heritage, sense of community and of family ties. The
day will be a blend of talks, workshops, plenary and ritual, ensuring maximum
interaction and creativity.

Cost: £10 per person and please bring some food to share for lunch. 
To reserve a place, please send a cheque made payable to Spirit of the Land,
together with a full list of the names of people attending, to 
Spirit of the Land
2 Clarendon Grove
The Fair Green
For more information contact Suzanne Evans on suzanne at suzanne91.fsnet.co.uk


Forum on U.S. Missile Defence
Speakers: Professor Paul Rogers (University of Bradford)
Caroline Lucas (MEP South East England)
Lindis Percy (Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases)
Nick Cohen (Journalist, the Observer)
Chair: Bruce Kent

Thursday 31st May 6.30 pm 
Unitarian Hall, 1-6 Essex Street WC2 (off The Strand)
Sponsored by: 
Abolition 2000, BASIC, CAAB, CND, MEDACT, UNA, 
Quaker Peace and Social Witness
Further details from Nigel Chamberlain on 020 7700 2350 
e-mail: nigel at cnduk.org


2 nd:
Strawberry Fair, Cambridge 
--> <http://www.strawberry-fair.org.uk/>http://www.strawberry-fair.org.uk/


Moving in mysterious ways: spirituality in a post religious age. Don Cupit
(After God*) Danah Zohar (Spiritual Intelligence*) Satish Kumar (Editor,
Resurgence) Chair: Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian)
7.30  at the ICA, London.

8 th:
Lactation Consultant, international breast feeding advocate, author of Breast
feeding Matters and Food for Thought - Melbourne Australia
1.45-3pm, Mail Lecture Theatre, Barnes Wing, University of Leeds

Spirit Dot Net Erik Davis (Techgnosis*) , Mike Eales (Explorer of the human /
tech interface) Jennifer Cobb tbc (Cybergrace*) Chair: Pat Kane* (singer, The
Play Ethic*)
7.30  at the ICA, London.

28 th: 
Eco-design for competitive advantage.
1st regional conference for manufacturing companies. London

July 3: 7.30 Spirituality Untamed Rupert Sheldrake (Natural Grace*), Annie
Lennox tbc (musician), Andrew Samuels (Politics in the Chair*) Chair: Indra
Adnan (Director, Poiesis)

Tickets: £ 7.50 
For more information: SWord at Poiesis.org

More Diary Dates on GreenNet:

---> http://webboard.gn.apc.org:8086/default


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