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UNESCO has recently developed a Free Software Portal:
--> http://www.unesco.org/webworld/portal_freesoft

The Atlantis Ecological Community began on Inishfree Island, but the main
part of the commune has been in Colombia since 1988, sharing, learning
from and suffering the violent social changes happening there. They
welcome seeds, magazines, emails, Spanish speakers to help with
translation, and people!

Atlantis Foundation Action Network:
--> http://www.afan.org.uk


'Injustice' is a film about the struggle for justice by the
families of people who have died in police custody. 'Injustice', one of the
most politically controversial films of recent years, shows how people came
together to challenge the state. On its release over a year ago the police
tried to censor the film.

The Crown Prosecution Service has refused to prosecute police officers in
several cases, despite overwhelming evidence and inquest verdicts of
unlawful killing.
Years of campaigning has now resulted in a review of the Crown Prosecution
Service instigated by the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith QC.

The results of the Lord Goldsmiths review are expected this Summer.

The Attorney General will be attending a special public screening in July
to take part in a Q&A session.

Tuesday 16th July 2002
Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, London, WC2H.
6.30 screening followed by Q&A with the Attorney General, families and
film maker. Booking Line: 020 7494 3654

--> www.injusticefilm.co.uk


The Community Composting Network is a national body with 165 members

supporting local communities involved in organic waste management.

CCN have just opened eight new community composting demonstration sites
around the UK, bringing the total to twenty-three. 

The demonstration sites show best practice in community composting. 
People interested in starting or expanding a community composting project, 
can visit any of the sites for help and advice. 

Nick McAllister, co-ordinator of the CCN said, "This is a very timely
project because European landfill targets require that we compost more
organic waste. The government...are ensuring that millions of pounds are
available to do this."

E-mail: ccn at gn.apc.org 


The Star Peace Camp is a non-violent direct action campaign to close
Fylingdales base.

Fylingdales is an early warning station for ballistic missiles aimed at the
United States of America. It is identified as essential to the USA National
Missile Defence system. 

Campaigners write:

"We are the whistleblowers, ready and waiting for you to join us to prevent
the USA's NMD plans, which will mean a new arms race in space, on land, at
sea and in the air. Join us to prevent future wars."

--> http://cndyorks.gn.apc.org/yspace/articles/bmd/starpeacecamp.htm


Representatives of 11 world religions, which between them own around
$7,000bn, gather this week in New York to explore ethical investment.

They aim to formalize existing investment policies under the aegis of a
new organisation, the International Interfaith Investment Group (3IG).

The 3IG initiative is a project of the 'Alliance of Religions and
Conservation' (ARC) which was set up in 1995 to co-ordinate religious
efforts in preserving the environment. 

ARC is now exploring ways that faiths can not only maximize their
investments, but the power of those investments to protect the Earth and
all life that depends on it.

In 2001 ARC and WWF-UK jointly published its "A Capital Solution: Faith,
Finance and Concern for a Living Planet", an introduction to Ethical

This week's meeting is only an exploratory conference: if successful, it will
probably be another two years before 3IG is up and running.

But the potential shift is massive: the plan envisages religions not only
changing their own investment behavior but encouraging their followers to
do the same. Martin Palmer, ARC director says: "If religions can
successfully advocate this to their own faithful, the change could be truly

--> http://www.religionsandconservation.org/


The World Disasters Report 2002, published today warns that International
development targets will not be reached unless the impact of disasters on
the poor is reduced drastically.

Peter Walker, the report's founding editor, said, "If you don't start to
take disasters and risk management into account, you haven't got a chance
of meeting these [development objectives], particularly the one on extreme

Full Report:
--> http://www.ifrc.org/PUBLICAT/wdr2002/index.asp


A report published yesterday by the 'United Nations Conference on Trade and
Development' proposes a new approach to tackling poverty. 

On current trends, the number of people living on less than $1 a day will
grow by more than one-third by 2015. But a new strategy could turn the tide.

Instead of targeting the bottom 20 per cent of the population, poverty
reduction strategies should aim to double general household living standards
through greater investment and more employment creation.

The report raises doubts about the IMF and World Bank's current strategies, 
saying that countries are afraid to stray too far from the old structural
adjustment model.

It goes on to say that globalisation exacerbates poverty because of the
instability in world commodity prices. Extreme poverty is highest in
countries most dependent on primary commodities, especially those who
depend on mineral production.

Free trade isn't the answer either: The report found poverty increased in
the most open and most closed trade regimes. 

The countries where poverty has fallen are those which have diversified
into processing, manufacturing and the service industries.

Full report:
--> http://www.unctad.org/en/pub/ps1ldc02.en.htm


No Pollution without Representation protest, 4th July, Wester Friarton Farm 
GM crop trial site, 8pm

The trial site is situated 3 km south of the Tay Bridge just off the A914
(NB this is marked on pre-1998 maps as the A92) Dundee to St Andrews road, 
on the side road opposite Drumoig Golf Course (marked Pickletillem on road 
maps, grid reference -NO 435 251 to NO 420 248). You can't miss it!

Transport: Buses run from Dundee (No. 99 - 10 and 40 min past the hour), 
and St Andrews (No. 99 - 04 and 34 min past the hour), stopping opposite 
the golf course.

An international coalition of conservation organizations aim to permanently
protect a 74 million-acre, species-rich tropical corridor between Peru and

Conservation International and Peru's National Institute of Natural
Resources are working with local authorities to protect the region.

The corridor is part of an area designated an ecological "hot spot" because
of its high biodiversity and equally high risk from human encroachment.  

The project will be an administrative headache, as the 
Bolivian side alone encompasses 57 municipalities, but the presidents of
both countries have sent letters of support.

--> http://www.conservation.org/


The Earth Summit 2002 will be held in Johannesburg in August, but an
important preparatory meeting takes place in Birmingham  on 16th July .

The 'Preparation and Implementation of Earth Summit' meeting will bring
together Ministers and representatives from all stakeholder groups to
consider the Summit itself.

Ministers from the Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Executive, Welsh
Assembly and the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will
outline their contributions to Earth Summit 2002 preparations. In parallel,
and for the first time, UK civil society will report on its contributions.

For more information and booking form, contact info at earthsummit2002.org or

--> http://www.unedforum.org/conf/birmingham%202002/birmingham0702.htm


Women's Environmental Network Administrator £21,585.

Full time Linchpin needed to keep our office running smoothly and help us

Key tasks include managing and developing members' services, co-ordinating
the maintenance and enhancement of IT and related systems, handling
day-to-day finances and generally supporting campaign and other staff and
volunteers. We are looking for a bright spark with at least three years'
administration experience in charities/voluntary sector who is computer
literate, skilled in Word, Excel, e-mail and databases, with strong
interpersonal, time management and communication skills.

We need a good team player, experienced in budgeting and working with
volunteers, who is able to deal sensitively and appropriately with
enquiries from women on personal and health matters and committed to WEN's
aims and interested in its activities.

Funding for this post is guaranteed for at least the first year. Post
subject to Section 7(2)(e) of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Finance
Officer £24,000-25,419 (depending on qualifications experience) pro rata,
one day a week. 

WEN also require someone part-time to do accounting and financial
management, produce quarterly and annual accounts and ensure that financial
aspects of other roles are efficiently carried out. This job could be done
on a freelance basis and requires someone capable of taking financial
responsibility for the organisation.

Closing date for both posts: Friday 12 July 2002 For an application pack
please visit www.wen.org.uk



"Do What I Can"

"If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain:
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain."

Emily Dickinson




Free yoga classes - Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00 at 62 fieldgate st. E-mail:
radicalyoga at clara.co.uk

Radical Dairy Social Centre, 47 Kynaston Road, Stoke Newington, London N16.
Tel: 020 7249 6996
Events 16/06 - 22/06
Sunday: 2.00pm DJ's + Food[BBQ]+ Drink 
Monday: 3.30pm - 5.00pm Yoga, 7.00pm Cafe, 8.00pm Political Discussion Group
Tuesday: 7.30pm Meeting of the Social Centres Network
Wednesday: 4.00pm Aromatherapy Massages, 8.00pm Women's Caff and cabaret 
Thursday: 8.00pm Radical Dairy meeting
Friday: 8.00pm Cafe + Acoustic Music [Bring instruments]
Saturday: Social   

Walk in Peace for Peace
Every first Sunday of the month. Meet at Speakers’ Corner (by Park Café),
Hyde Park 10.45am for 11am. The walk will take about an hour.
If you arrive a bit late don't worry, you’ll see the Walk on 'Broad Walk'
going south from Speakers' Corner.
Enquiries: Clare Brunt 020 8755 0353

The Campaign for Co-operative Socialism Campaign meet at The Global Cafe in
London's Golden Square every Wednesday from 11-1:
--> www.cooperative-socialism.org/


"The Lost World meets Jurassic Park - amazing animals and adventures in
Madagascar." Stunning slides, stories and craftwork collected on the island
earlier this year by local naturalists. Barnstaple, Pilton Community College.

22nd and 23rd:
London School of Capoeira presents Capoeira Festival 2002
Capoeira is a beautiful Brazilian martial art with traditional music,
singing, instruments and elements of acrobatics.
--> http://www.londonschoolofcapoeira.co.uk/

Refugees are welcome here!
Demonstration in support  of refugees, commemoration of the anniversary of
the death of 58 Chinese people who suffocated in a lorry in Dover. Assemble
midday, Malet Street, London, WC1. Part of Refugee Week of Action. 
More: --> www.defend-asylum.org

'What next for Columbia?'
Public Rally - 6.30pm Saturday 22nd June
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 
(nearest tube Holborn)
ALEXANDER LOPEZ - former President of SINTRAEMCALI, leader of the
successful 36-day occupation to stop privatisation and Member of Congress
elect for the Cauca Valley province (Social and Political Front)

CARLOS OLAYA - International Representative for SINALTRAINAL,  foodworkers
union taking Coca Cola to court for murdering 6 trade unionists.
Music and Colombian food.  Entrance £10 waged / £5 unwaged. Spaces are
limited, so book early!

Organised by Colombia Solidarity Campaign
E-mail: colombia_sc at hotmail.com

Camden Green Fair. 12-6pm
St James Gardens, Camden

24 June - 7 July
Join with Palestinians in nonviolent direct action to challenge the
occupation of Palestine, with the International Solidarity Movement.

For more on the International Solidarity
--> www.palsolidarity.org or www.rapprochement.org

26-28 June
G8 Meeting, Kanannaskis, Alberta, Canada. Protests planned 
--> http://g8.activist.ca

Lobby of Bev Hughes MP surgery (new Home Office Minister), 10.00am at
Old Trafford Library, Shrewsbury Street, Old Trafford, Manchester.
Details from Manchester Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers -
manchester at defend-asylum.org. 
Part of Refugee Week of Action.

Close Campsfield (refugee) Detention Centre, Kidlington, Oxford. 12-2pm. 
More: --> www.CloseCampsfield.org.uk


'Independence FROM America' demonstration organised by the Campaign for the
Accountability of American Bases at the main entrance of NSA Menwith
Hill,near Harrogate, from 12-4pm. With Mark Thomas (political satirist),
Caroline Lucas (Green Party MEP) and Dr Lynne Jones (MP) speaking. 
More: --> www.caab.org.uk

5th to 12th:
Marxism 2002. A week debating and discussing all the key issues on the left. 
More: --> www.swp.org.uk/marxism.

13th -14th July
Workers' Liberty summer school, "Ideas for Freedom 2002".
At Caxton House, London : Tickets £15/ £9/ £6
visit: www.workersliberty.org.uk or call 0191 230 1629
E-mail: newcastle at workersliberty.org for transport details/tickets

Sunday 14 July:
Finfest 2002, the Finsbury Park Community Festival, from 1 - 7 pm.  The
lineup will include a world stage, with musicians from Finsbury Park and
beyond; youth entertainment; a photography contest; sports contest; a space
for acoustic music and poetry; a children's village; market stalls; and a
grand finale of a carnival procession.

To get involved as a volunteer, performer, exhibitor or sponsor, or to
book a stall for your organisation, contact Hazel Saunders on
info at finfest.org or call 020 7527 5123.

"The Lost World meets Jurassic Park - amazing animals and adventures in
Madagascar." Stunning slides, stories and craftwork collected on the island
earlier this year by local naturalists.
Barnstaple, Pilton Community College.
Bideford, Edgehill College

Sat 20 July
TUC Respect Festival, Free, Victoria Park, East London.

"The Lost World meets Jurassic Park - amazing animals and adventures in
Madagascar." As above.
Chudleigh, St John Ambulance Hall.

July 17th to 21st Devon.
Free tickets are available to contributors, total numbers are limited and
advance booking strongly recommended. For more information contact
info at buddhafield.com or check www.buddhafield.com

20-21 July
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. Organised by the TUC. Noon Saturday to 6pm
Sunday at Tolpuddle, near Dorchester, Dorset. 07771 533 055.

20th - 27th:
Blitz Festival - a radical political arts festival will be held in

Manchester UK, timed to coincide with the opening celebrations of the
Commonwealth Games.
--> www.nato.uk.net

24th to 28th:
Big Green Gathering
--> http://www.big-green-gathering.com/

Close Campsfield (refugee) Detention Centre, Kidlington, Oxford. 12-2pm. 
--> www.CloseCampsfield.org.uk


8th to 11th:
Welsh Green Gathering.
--> http://www.big-green-gathering.com/wgg/WGG2.html

10th to 11th:
Eden Festival, Arrowe Park, Wirral. Free Indie / Rock festival with an
environmental theme. 
--> http://www.edenfestival.org.uk/

22nd to 26th:
Northern Green Gathering. West Yorkshire. 
--> http://www.ngg.org.uk/

29th, 30th & 31st:
Eastern Green Gathering 
Near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

More Diary Dates on GreenNet:

--> webboard.gn.apc.org:8086/default/


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