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PeaceVox focuses on the intersections between peace-building and the arts. The
site currently lists detailed descriptions of more than 50 different resources
for practitioners in the field, and the list is growing daily.
--> http://www.peacevox.com/

Workingindevelopment.org is a new gateway for jobs in the development sector.
Its goal is to help organizations and interested people to find the right
employment in the sector. The focus of the site is on information and
tips on how to gain experience and skills. 
--> http://www.workingindevelopment.org/


The world is at an environmental crossroads, where the choice between greed
and humanity will decide the fate of millions of people for decades to
come, the
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) said on Wednesday.

"Fundamental changes are possible and required," UNEP executive director Klaus
Toepfer told a news conference, presenting the third Global Environment
Outlook report. "It would be a disaster to sit back and ignore the picture

--> http://enn.com/news/wire-stories/2002/05/05232002/reu_47311.asp


Tourism Concern has just produced a guidebook called The Good Alternative
Travel Guide.

It's an expanded and updated version of their earlier Community Tourism Guide,
and lists hundreds of 'community-based' tourism projects that use tourism to
benefit poor rural communities in the South. 

The book also highlights Native-run tourism in North America and Australasia.
This is the world's first guidebook to 'fairly-traded' tourism, with practical
details for arranging holidays.

info at tourismconcern.org.uk
--> www.tourismconcern.org.uk/


For the last 8 years, young women at a factory in Bangladesh have been forced
to work over 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, denied maternity benefits, beaten
and paid just 15 cents for every $17.99 Disney shirt they sewed.

Nasrin Akther, who was a 21 years old  sewing operator at the factory, wrote:

"The workers often suffer from diarrhea, jaundice, kidney problems, anemia,
eye pain. Our seats have no backs and since we have to work long hours, we
from backaches and shoulder pain. Our lives have been stolen. We are treated

like animals, and any workers who attempt to get together a union are fired
immediately and may be blacklisted. We feel we have been born only to serve

the needs of the owners."

Finally, the women stood up for their rights and denounced the violations.
Disney were of course appalled at this situation, and responded by pulling its
work from the factory and dumping the women on the street with nothing,
penniless, facing hunger and misery....

--> http://www.waronwant.org/fdisney.htm


In an attempt to close the gap between the wired and the unwired, Brazil plans
to install computer kiosks in all the countries 5,366 post offices, where
people will be able to log on to the Internet. 

The first 10 minutes will be free, with a low fee after that.

"Of course we intend to charge a very low price, at least lower than
cybercafes," said Fausto Weiler, who works for the Brazilian post office. "Our
goal is to open this new world for those who can't afford to buy a computer,
even in the countryside." 

Once an easy Web link is established, the plan is to launch another project,
called Permanent Electronic Address (PEA), that will supply every Brazilian
with a free, private e-mail account.

At least 1.2 million people are expected to use the post office terminals
during the first year of operation, increasing to 4.2 million by 2004.

"Besides the social aspect of introducing these people to the digital age, we
could also create user communities, exchanging experiences among companies,
government and citizens,"  said PEA director Marcelo Matos.

--> www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,52414,00.html


The Turkish parliament passed a media law severely limiting freedom of
expression on the Web last Wednesday.

The broad-based media law imposes astronomical fines on ISPs for violations as
vague as "airing pessimism," and observers fear powerful media moguls will use
their influence to drive small operators out of business and establish

Another concern is the danger that the law might be used to quash political
dissent on the Web.

"I believe it will certainly be used to silence criticism of the members of
the Turkish parliament and to silence political speech and dissent," said
Akdeniz, director of the Cyber Rights & Cyber Liberties organization.

The law also places a burden on ISPs, requiring government permission before
new sites can go online and the submission of two hard copies of pages to be
posted on the Net for prior approval.

--> www.cyber-rights.org/


On 3 May the EU added the PKK on its list of terrorist organizations, although
the organisation officially disbanded in April 2002. The Party Congress
decided to completely dissolve the party and to reorganize its work, using
peaceful and democratic methods, under the name of Kurdistan Freedom and
Democracy Congress (KADEK).

Armed Kurdish guerrilla units withdrew from Turkey more than three years ago,
and there are no bombs, no violence or terrorist acts by Kurds in Turkey or
anywhere in Europe.

Campaigners protest that adding the name of the PKK to the EU list of
terrorist organizations will make life harder for Kurds worldwide. They
believe that;

* Longstanding pending human rights judgements in the European Court against
Turkey may be quashed or blocked in the name of the war on terrorism;

* NGOs, banks, foundations, universities, colleges and schools may be
prevented from working on Kurdish rights;

* Kurdish cultural associations may be rated as terrorist, if they allegedly,
or in fact, are associated with KADEK.

--> www.freedom-for-ocalan.com/eng/indexeng.htm


1) Media Officer Based in London 
£19,950 plus 6% pension 
War on Want works with poor and oppressed people across the developing world
while undertaking cutting-edge campaigns in the UK and beyond. We are
seeking a committed, enthusiastic and energetic individual to help us
capitalise on the
opportunities open to us in the media and, also to  maximise the effectiveness
of our website.  Successful applicants will have considerable media experience
and some  knowledge of international issues. Equally important is the ability
to effectively communicate War on Want's campaigns and projects within a media
environment and the capacity to think creatively about how best to achieve
positive coverage for our issues. The post-holder will also play a key role in
developing and co-ordinating the relevant sections of the corporate website. 
Application pack available from David Rudkin, War on Want, 
Email: drudkin at waronwant.org 
--> www.waronwant.org/

Deadline for completed applications: 5pm, Wednesday 5th June 
Provisional Interview date: Thursday 13th June 

2) Oxfam Development Education Programme Team Administrator:
Part time 21.75 hours - Term Contract to April 2003 
Base: Victoria - London 
Job Family: Business Support 
Salary: £11400 to £15900 plus London Weighting Allowance (pro rata) 
We require an experienced administrator to start as soon as possible to carry
out administrative and office support for the England Development Education
Team of Curriculum Advisers.  You will have specific project tasks as well as
general administrative  work.

You should have a background in office administration, have excellent computer
skills including databases and spreadsheets. Good communication and
inter-personal skills, and the ability to work as part of a team are

For further information and an application form please e.mail:
iallen at oxfam.org.uk 
Closing Date: May 29th 2002 
Interviews: 6th June 2002 

3) Developing Citizenship project Co-ordinator
Project Co-ordinator (part-time 18 hrs a week) 
Salary: £20100 to £25950
Location: Open to negotiation 
Oxfam, Save the Children Fund and UNICEF are collaborating, with financial
support from DFID, on an exciting new 3-year project to bring Global

Perspectives to Citizenship Education in secondary school policies and 

The aims of the project are to: Work with secondary schools (approx 16 in 4
LEA's) to develop policy and practice in the global dimensions to citizenship
education, and to advance the inclusion of global perspectives and global

citizenship in education for citizenship across the UK via 'project

We need a creative and energetic Project Co-ordinator (Part-time) to 
co-ordinate the management, promotion, liaison, monitoring and reporting of 
the project. You will need a degree plus PGCE or equivalent qualification,
with knowledge and experience of curriculum development and current

Oxfam, SCF & UNICEF are working with 3 Development Education Centres in
Manchester, Norwich and Chester to deliver this project. 

For an information pack and application form, please e.mail:
iallen at oxfam.org.uk 
Closing date: 6th June 
Interviews: 24th June 
4) Assistant Co-ordinator, Trade Justice Movement 
Full time, 30 month contract from mid-July 
Responsible to: TJM Co-ordinator 
Salary £19,000 p.a. 

The Trade Justice Movement is a fast expanding group of more than 40 UK
organisations, including Action Aid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Friends of the
Earth, The Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam and Save the Children, that are
concerned about the harmful impact of international trade rules on the poorest
people in the world, on the environment, and on democracy.

It is calling for fundamental change of the unjust rules and institutions
governing international trade so that trade is made to work for all - not just
to profit a few.  It needs a full-time assistant co-ordinator to help run the
London  secretariat which co-ordinates the joint campaign activities of the
coalition members.

Overall purpose of the job:
To assist the TJM Co-ordinator in running the secretariat of the Trade Justice
Movement. Approximately two thirds of the time will be spent on administrative
responsibilities and one third on campaign work. Please enquire about the
Tasks and Responsibilities and Person Specification to  tjm at fairtrade.org.uk

Application is by CV to: 
Chris Holt, Trade Justice Movement,  c/o Fair Trade Foundation, Suite 204, 16
Baldwin's Gardens,  London EC1N 7RJ. 
For further information, tel. 0207404 0530 
--> http://www.tradejusticemovement.org.uk/



Ian Stillman is a world-renowned aid pioneer among the deaf in India where he
has worked for 27 years. 

He himself is totally deaf, and also an amputee. 

In August 2000 he was travelling in India in a public taxi which was
stopped by police and in which they claimed to find 20kg of cannabis. Ian
has always
denied any knowledge of the drugs but was arrested and later sentenced to 10
years for possession. Others in the taxi were released.

Having one leg, Ian is physically incapable of carrying 20kg of anything.

The local police and courts deny that Ian is deaf, so he was refused a deaf
interpreter, effectively excluding him from his own trial. 

Without proper medical care for his amputation, Ian's health is deteriorating.
Human rights lawyer Stephen Jakobi says this is "the worst miscarriage of
justice I have dealt with." 

--> www.thisisyork.co.uk/york/news/stillman.html


Is it true that laughing can make us healthier? Behavioural biologist Silvia
Cardoso certainly thinks so. 

Laughing reduces muscle tension, may boost the immune system and ease stress.
Cardoso also believes that laughter has a key social role. She is concerned
that today's children may develop social problems because their play time
is so isolated that they are missing out on chances for laughter. Many
stare at computer screens, rather than laughing with each other. 

"I think parents need to be very careful to ensure that their children play in
groups, with both peers and adults, and laugh more" said Cardoso.

So get out in the sun and have a laugh!

--> www.newscientist.com/opinion/opinterview.jsp?id=ns23436


After a protracted and detailed review of current trade policy and its effects
on developing countries, the World Trade Organization has decided to effect a
cessation of all operations, to be accomplished  over a period of four months,
culminating in September. The WTO will reintegrate as a new trade body whose
charter will be to ensure that trade benefits the poor..."

--> www.gatt.org/

(We did say laughter is good for you...)


Walk in Peace for Peace
Every first Sunday of the month. Meet at Speakers’ Corner (by Park Café),
Hyde Park 10.45am for 11am. The walk will take about an hour.
If you arrive a bit late don’t worry, you’ll see the Walk on ‘Broad Walk’
going south from Speakers’ Corner.
Enquiries: Clare Brunt 020 8755 0353

The Campaign for Co-operative Socialism Campaign meet at The Global Cafe in
London's Golden Square every Wednesday from 11-1:

--> http://www.cooperative-socialism.org/


Jubilee Debt Campaign North EAst "Grand Regional Event" for both debt relief
and trade reform. Bring banners, placards, etc for parade starting at 11am at
Gateshead Civic Centre, and makes its to St Thomas Church, for a "Jubilee
Picnic". Finally, a meeting in St Thomas, 2pm - 3pm, with a varied programme
including short addresses on debt and trade

Peace in the Middle East. Protest outside Town Hall Art Gallery, Leeds,
to 1pm.

Argentina Solidarity Campaign public meeting. 5.30pm, Red Rose Club, 129 Seven
Sisters Rd, London N7. 
--> www.geocities.com/argentinesc

Questioning Development films. These films question notions that aid and
development will always improve the lives of people in the developing
world. In
fact there is much for us to learn from the maintenance of local practices.

5:30pm & 8pm. FREE. The Side Cinema is near the Crown Posada pub on Dean
Street, on Newcastle's Quayside. 
Contact: radical.filmfest at tesco.net

International day of action in solidarity with the 41 people who have so far
been sent to prison after the 
protests during last summer's EU Summit in Gothenberg. Organisers are calling
for people to protest outside Swedish embassies, consulates or to do other
similar actions in solidarity with the prisoners, and to 

call for the halt of the criminalisation of summit protesters. 
--> www.manifest.se/upprop

Scottish CND Peace Carnival "Love the Planet" will be held in George Square,

Climate Convention Prep. Meeting (COP7 PREPCOM) in Bonn. Various different
actions, main day J9.
--> www.risingtide.de

World Environment Day

European Business Summit in Brussels, Belgium. Actions against corporate 
--> www.xs4all.nl/~ceo

Commonpoverty as opposed to commonwealth "In midsummer of this year a radical
political arts festival will be held in Manchester, timed to coincide with the
Commonwealth Games in . Half of it will be legitimate, using many city centre
venues for visual art,  photography exhibitions, musical 
acts and film. The other side of it will be more spontaneous, with street
performers, graffitti kids and muralists decorating the streets." 
Contact: june7 at corporatedirtbag.com

Faslane Peace Camp celebrates 20 years outside the Trident nuclear submarine 
base near Glasgow. Contact Faslane Peace Camp, A814, Shandon, near

Dumbartonshire, G84 8NT, Scotland. 01436 820901 
--> http://www.faslanepeacecamp.com/

National Tampon Alert Day. 0161 7483123
-->  http://www.tamponalert.org.uk/

Trade union conference against racist and fascism, sponsored by South East
Region TUC and others. 10.30-4.30, Congress House, Great Russell St, London
WC1. More: 020 7681 8647

Stop the Arms Trade Week 
--> www.caat.org.uk

World Food Summit in Italy. 
--> www.italy.indymedia.org

Palestine film showing. Two Palestinian cousins live constantly under military
and economic 
oppression, in separate camps in Lebanon and in Bethlehem. Despite the
overwhelming barriers 
the girls manage to communicate and finally meet. 5:30pm & 8pm. FREE. The Side
Cinema is near the Crown Posada pub on Dean Street, on Newcastle's Quayside. 
Contact: radical.filmfest at tesco.net

Trident Ploughshares Disarmament camp at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons 
Establishment, near Reading, Berkshire Tel 01324 880744 
--> www.gn.apc.org/tp2000

Protest at Harmondsworth Detention Centre, Heathrow. Noon.
--> www.defend-asylum.org

Party on the moor, Fylingdales (US spy station) 1pm. Plans are for a
noisy protest, with music, games, speakers and fun. Tyne & Wear. CND hope to
co-ordinate transport from Newcastle, via minibus and/or shared cars. Please
let Monica know if you are interested (0191 4137972 mfrisch at gn.apc.org). Brisk
10 mile walk from Whitby to Fylingdales for national demonstration departs
Whitby 9am. There are many other events taking place at Fylingdales and

Menwith Hill, including vigils and, Quaker meetings for workshop. For more
contact Yorkshire CND, 01274 730795 
--> www.gn.apc.org/cndyorks/


Finfest 2002, the Finsbury Park Community Festival, Sunday 14 July from 1 - 7
The lineup will include a world stage, with musicians from Finsbury Park and
beyond; youth entertainment; a photography contest; sports contest; a space
for acoustic music and poetry; a children's village; market stalls; and a

finale of a carnival procession.

July 17th to 21st Devon.
Free tickets are available to contributors, total numbers are limited and
advance booking strongly recommended. For more information contact
info at buddhafield.com or check http://www.buddhafield.com/

Big Green Gathering
24th to 28th July
--> www.big-green-gathering.com/

Welsh Green Gathering 8th to 11th August
--> www.big-green-gathering.com/wgg/WGG2.html

Eastern Green Gathering 
August 29th, 30th & 31st. Near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
--> www.easterngreengathering.com/

More Diary Dates on GreenNet:

--> webboard.gn.apc.org:8086/default/


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