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27 April 2004

This issue:

UK sustainable development strategyconsultation; Global Ban on GM
trees; plant life affected by pollution; proposed Laser Research
Facility at Aldermaston; dolphin research programme; GM food;
North Sea wildlife and plastic bags

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Twenty-six environmental groups in Scotland have joined together
to push environmental issues up the political agenda in the run up
to Parliamentary elections on June 10.  The site has campaigning
resources on climate change, transport, biodiversity and the
marine environment, among others.

The Everyone Can campaign
--> http://www.everyonecan.org

PeaceBlog is now over a year old and has two thousand personal web
--> http://www.peaceblogs.org/

Oxford peace activists Toby Olditch and Philip Pritchard attempted
to disarm USAF B-52 bombers at RAF Fairford, early on 18th March
2003 in the belief that the attack on Iraq was illegal under
International law.  Their hearing at Bristol Crown Court from
26-30 April will establish whether they are to be allowed to take
their legal defences; necessity, lawful excuse and prevention of
crime to a jury at their trial in the summer.
--> http://www.b52two.org.uk


Tuesday 27th - Wednesday 28th,  New Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great
Queen Street, WC1 (note change of venue)

Business leaders and politicians are meeting to discuss
reconstruction contracts and the shape of the new Iraq, without
democratic representation from the Iraqi people.  Companies
represented include Shell, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and US arms
manufacturer Raytheon.

Picket from 6.30 onwards on Tuesday 27th, with street theatre and
participation from the Union of Unemployed Iraqis, the
Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq, the Campaign Against
Arms Trade and others.

The BBC's World Affairs Correspondent, John Simpson, earlier
withdrew from speaking at the conference after he was alerted to
its nature.

More on the actions in aid of freedom and self-determination for
--> http://www.theirpayday.org/

Iraq briefings, actions, and news:
--> http://www.voicesuk.org/

Official 'Coalition Provisional Authority' site
--> http://www.cpa-iraq.org/



Undercurrents has launched an alternative news video.
"Undercurrents News Network seeks out and distributes cutting edge
documentaries and animations, providing an outlet for views rarely
expressed in the mainstream media. And while the mainstream all
too often follows the news agenda set by Whitehall and the White
House, we carry the voice of the marginalised. Whether it is an
innovative protest against war or the destruction of a local
beauty spot by a greedy developer, camcorders will be there to
provide a witness and we are here to distribute the evidence.
Undercurrents is an award-winning non-profit organisation which
aims to provide media support to environmental and social justice

There are now showings around the country: Manchester, April 30th;
Cork, Ireland, April 30th; Cardiff, May 7th; Newcastle Upon Tyne,
May 12th

More showings and ordering details: -->



MPs are calling on Israel to lift restrictions on nuclear
whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu so that he can address Parliament.
Speaking before Vanunu's release, Colin Breed MP said "The long
hard-fought campaign to free Mordechai Vanunu and restore his
human rights will be realised when he is released tomorrow
morning. It will be a great moment but only if his full rights are

Free Vanunu campaign
--> http://www.vanunu.freeserve.co.uk/

Text of EDM 1021
--> http://edm.ais.co.uk/weblink/html/motion.html/ref=1021

Council for Arab-British Understanding
--> http://www.caabu.org/



This month sees the 10th anniversary of Critical Mass in London -
should be a fabulous, colourful event. Thousands of happy cyclists
take over central London! Meet 6:00 Friday 30th April, Waterloo

More details:
--> http://cmlondon.enrager.net/

--> http://www.urban75.com/Action/critical.html



Practically all mainstream reports of the violence in Falluja
omitted mention of the first anniversary of the massacre of 13
civilians.  The deaths, for which the US has still not admitted
full responsibility, occurred during a protest over troops
occupying a school.

Jo Wilding has been filing eyewitness reports of the desperate
situation in Falluja and elsewhere in Iraq for the past few

--> http://www.wildfirejo.org.uk/
--> http://www.dragonnetwork.org/campaigns/iraq

Rahul Mahajan's recently returned from Iraq.  Check his commentary
--> http://www.empirenotes.org/



Rudolf Amenga-Etego, a campaigner against water privatization in
Ghana has won one of 6 Goldman environmental prizes. In a country
where about 70% of the people have no access to clean water, it
would be disastrous, he says: some Ghanaians already spend 20% of
their income on drinking water.

"The Bank is not ideological with regards to the provision of
water services." claims an official of the World Bank, which is
supporting privatization.

Full story
--> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/sci/tech/3625807.stm

Goldman prizes
--> http://www.goldmanprize.org/



Lancashire, Lincolnshire and the South-East face severe flood
damage by 2050.  Even the best predictions show billions of pounds
damage by 2050 attributable to climate change.

Full story in most papers, 22 April
--> http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1200272,00.html

Friends of the Earth Scotland have said that Tony Blair must do
more to show he is serious about tackling climate change, by
ensuring that the Government stands firm on setting tough caps on
industrial emissions of carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide emissions
have fallen by less than a quarter of one percent since Labour
took power in 1997.

--> http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/



On 21 April, the UK launched a consultation to develop a
sustainable development strategy:
--> http://www.sustainable-development.gov.uk/news.htm#0421

People´s Forest Forum is asking for help in campaigning for a
Global Ban on GM trees
--> http://elonmerkki.net/forestforum

Plantlife say 76% of stonewort's important UK sites, mostly SSSIs,
are affected by pollution
--> http://www.plantlife.org.uk/
--> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/low/sci/tech/3639151.stm

The MoD has resubmitted its Notice of Proposed Development, to be
published next week, in respect of the proposed Laser Research
Facility at AWE Aldermaston
--> http://www.nukeinfo.org.uk/

Reports and pictures from Aldermaston March 2004
--> http://www.aldermaston2004.net/

Ed Bentham of Atlantic Whale Foundation would like to bring people
working with NGOs together in the summer for a dolphin research
programme in the Canaries.
--> http://www.whalefoundation.org.uk/

Britain's biggest food companies will continue to reject GM
ingredients as tougher GM labelling laws are introduced on Sunday
18th April, a survey by Friends of the Earth has revealed.  The UK
Government continues to support GM crops, including rice and
maize, at a European level.
--> http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/press/pr20040403.html

Marine wildlife around the coastline of Scotland and other
countries bordering the North Sea are being turned into 'living
dustbins' according to the Save the North Sea Fulmar Study.
--> http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,1190058,00.html
--> http://www.savethenorthsea.com/fulmars



Work is of two kinds: first, altering the position of matter at or
near the earth's surface relative to other matter; second, telling
other people to do so.
-- Bertrand Russell



The Bretton Woods Project is looking for a new Coordinator to take
forward its work. The role will involve planning and contributing
to the Project's written outputs, giving talks, providing
strategic advice to network members as well as running a small
office. The post requires a strong understanding of global policy
issues, a passion for creating change, the ability to work
effectively and diplomatically with diverse civil society groups
and officials.
Deadline: 28 April
More details:
--> http://brettonwoodsproject.org/jobs

INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and
Indonesia Peace Brigades International (PBI) UK Section needs
international Human Rights Observers in Colombia, Guatemala,
Mexico and Indonesia. An orientation week-end will be held in May
(20th-23rd) for potential volunteers. You must be over 25 and
speak the language.

Please send your CV and a 74p A4 SAE to:
PBI UK, 1b Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ. www.peacebrigades.org
Email: pbiuk at gn.apc.org Phone: (020) 7281 5370

What The Facts is looking for environmental columnists to
regularly write intelligently on environmental issues for our Web
site. It is a liberal site dedicated to entertainment, important
issues, and more. email: whatthefacts at hotmail.com

The National Computing Centre (www.ncc.co.uk
4<http://www.ncc.co.uk> ) seeks an experienced person to work with
and train community groups in North West England to produce video
material which will be distributed on the internet. This is a 12
month appointment, which will deliver toolkit for use by community
groups.  This work will draw on the experience and technologies of
OneWorld International (tv.oneworld.net/). Salary, £25,000 to
£35,000 p.a. Closing date May 24th.  Please email
ed.downs at ncc.co.uk for further details.




Monday 26th
Chrnnobyl's 18th anniversary
--> http://archive.greenpeace.org/comms/nukes/chernob/read13.html

Tuesday 27th - Wednesday 28th
Iraq Procurement Conference
Now outside New Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, WC1
(note change of venue)  See above.
--> http://www.voicesuk.org/

Wednesday, 28th
@ 7pm - Haiti @ The Ritzy
In collaboration with the Haiti Support Group and BBC4, MOSAIQUES 2004 will
screen Jonathan Demme's moving and timely documentary on Haiti - "The
Agronomist", followed by a book launch of Ian Thomson's "Bonjour Blanc: a
journey through Haiti", and a discussion on the situation in Haiti today.
Suzy Gillett (French Institute) - Tel: 020 7073 1364; Email:
suzygillett at onetel.net.uk

(Human Rights Watch issued a disturbing report of violations of
journalists' rights
--> http://www.haitisupport.gn.apc.org/
Chomsky on Haiti
--> http://www.zmag.org/ZMagSite/Apr2004/chomsky0404.html )

Friday, 30th
Critical Mass anniversary bike ride (see above)


Saturday, 1st
May Day. 118th anniversary of Haymarket Martyrs.
London: march from Clerkenwell Green (12 noon) to Trafalgar Square.
Lancashire: Reclaim Mayday roadshow:

Sunday, 2nd
International Dawn Chorus Day (yes, really!)

Friday, 7th Global Footprints and Kitten Heels: Women's
Environmental Network's 15th anniversary.
Regent’s College Inner Circle, London, 12-6pm free, then debate
with Bea Campbell & Caroline Lucas
Contact: wenadmin at wen.org.uk, 020 7481 9004. http://www.wen.org.uk

Saturday, 8th
The 6th Annual Cannabis March & Festival.
The day will begin with a carnival style march from Kennington
Park (assemble 12pm) with floats, banners, costumes and samba
beats leading to an all day free festival in Brockwell Park,
Brixton - licence permitting.
Email: info at thecannabisfestival.co.uk
--> www.thecannabisfestival.co.uk

Sunday, 9th
A huge rally in Trafalgar Square, organised by CND, will begin an
historic weekend of action to stop the next generation of nuclear
weapons being developed in the UK. The rally will begin at 11am.
For further information please contact Ruth Tanner on 0207 7002350
or 07968 420859.

Saturday, 8th
CHECHNYA AND THE WAR ON TERROR - Anne Le Tellac, of the Paris
based human rights organisation Fédération Internationale de
l'Action pour l'Abolition de la Torture (FICAT), offers an
in-depth analysis of Chechnya and how it has been affected by the
West's "War on Terror".

Saturday and Sunday, 15th - 16th
Pedal Powered Music System Workshop
Braziers Park community, Wallingford, OX10 6AN
Come and help build a pedal-powered music system from recycled
bikes.  Cost on a sliding scale of £35-£50 to cover lunch,
refreshments, guidance, and parts.

Contact: cathi at gn.apc.org 01491 682106

Saturday, 15 May
Demonstrations at Nestle sites around the UK on, 11.00 to 12.00
noon.  Baby Milk Action is still finding leaflets and
advertisements from Vietnam, Egypt and South Africa, which
allegedly violate the Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.

The main demonstration will be at the HQ in Croydon, but there is
also interest in holding demonstrations in Staverton, Halifax and
Edinburgh. http://www.babymilkaction.org/

Tuesday, 18th
Reception with G W Bush, 222 Marylebone Rd, London.  Lots of
picketing opportunities?

Saturday, 22nd
Grabbe, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, a think
tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future
of European Union, will discuss Eastward enlargement, the EU's
greatest contribution to security and stability in the 21st

Organised by Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique Café Diplo at the
French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place SW7. Tube South Kensington.
10.45 am. £3, £2 concessions, members free. Info 07984 178193

Wednesday - Friday, 19th - 21st
'Be the Change' conference, London
Purpose: to explore the means of achieving true and effective
systemic change ­ and to make it happen! For three days they will
be drawing on leading edge knowledge and experience around some of
the most vital developments in society today.
--> http://www.bethechange.org.uk

Saturday, 22nd
Biodiversity Day

Monday, 24th
Christian CND's annual walk around embassies of NPT signatories, and the
others: Israel, Pakistan and India.  Info: 020 7700 4200

Thursday, 27th May - Tuesday, 1st June
Trident Ploughshares Devonport Disarmament Camp 2004
See http://www.tridentploughshares.org/devonport/ for full programme

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