[diggers350] Re: St. George's Hill

savage savage at easynet.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 22:12:46 BST 1999

I have no official connection with TLIO. This email is sent purely on
my own. TLIO would probably disapprove of it anyway.


Some of these people you are threatening are my friends, arse hole.
What kind of coward are you that hides behind an anonymous free email address?

they must have got you crapping yourself eh!!!!!

You know whare they live, and who they are, or so you claim. Who are
you? where do you live? Why are you so scared of them that you can't
let them know who you are? Sounds like you are full of shit. Your
world is passing, ours is just beginning. Bye, f*ckwit.


6 Tilbury Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 2GY

The word 'cope' and the word 'change'
is directly opposite, not the same.
-Arrested Development

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