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Jon Hallé jonhalle at lowimpact.com
Wed Apr 21 23:07:44 BST 1999

Lords Hansard 17 Nov 1998 : Column 1149
Lord Williams of Mostyn:
This is an occasion for the connoisseur. My noble
friend--we call each other that because we both mean
it--Lord Tebbit presents himself as the champion of
the ordinary man, one of the levellers and diggers of
the English Civil War. You could have fooled me."

an amusing thing from

which i have only just discovered has searchable archives of Lords and
Commons debates.

By the way, has anybody got anything more for the Diggers350 website. I
havent had any accounts of the 'last days' yet, or of future action on these
issues, observe the lack at:


see youz,

jon halle

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