[diggers350] dramatic responses to the execution of Charles I

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Fri Apr 30 15:07:14 BST 1999

This should be interesting -- all are very welcome!

'Dramatic responses to the Execution of King Charles I'
a free public lecture by Dr Margaret Kean

5.30pm Wednesday 5 May
Refreshments served

Beveridge Hall, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1
(that monstrous white building by the British Museum -- the Soviet Union's
gift to the university of London)

This lecture is given in memory of Margot Heinemann, a life-long
activist and inspiring teacher, who died in 1992.  As someone who always
brought the political world into the world of the university, I think
she would have been especially pleased to see people from outside the
university enjoying this lecture on politics and art.  If you need any
further information, you can email Eleanor at
e.margolies1 at lcp.linst.ac.uk

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