[diggers350] Oct 12: action day for the Zapatistas

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Thu Dec 2 23:14:25 GMT 1999

"There are those with white skins and a dark sorrow. Our struggle 
walks with these skins. There are those who have dark skins and a 
white arrogance; against them is our fire. Our armed path is not 
against skin colour but against the colour of money." EZLN  

Activists and Zapatista solidarity groups from the UK are calling for 
a day of action on October 12th . It is hoped autonomous groups 
will target companies, investing in Chiapas under the North 
American Free Trade Agreement, with non-violent direct action.  

In the last few months the Mexican army has occupied key towns 
and EZLN army bases in the Lacandon jungle. It is clearly an 
attempt to cut off the Zapatistas from the outside world. As links 
are being made between the Zapatistas, the radical electrical 
workers union and striking students the Mexican government and 
the international investment community is starting to get jumpy.  

The now infamous quote from the Chase Manhatten Emerging 
Markets Group in January 1995 stated: "While Chiapas, in our 
opinion, does not pose a fundamental threat to Mexican political 
stability, it is perceived so by many in the investment community. 
The government will need to eliminate the Zapatistas to 
demonstrate effective control of the national territory and of secirity 

The current crisis is masking the announcement of investment 
plans by a number of European and US multi-national corporations 
in Chiapas. Standing between the multi-nationals and profit are a 
group of indigenous peoples whose cry of Ya Basta (enough is 
enough) has inspired millions around the globe.  

On October 12 it is hoped that activists and solidarity groups from 
around the world will participate in the day of action. The email 
<firstworldhahaha at hotmail.com> collate reports of actions taken 
on the day and forward them to Mexico and Chiapas 95. A web site 
has also been set up at www.geocities.com/firstworldhahaha 
Information can be posted on this. Groups will have to be self 
sufficient in terms of researching companies but investment plans 
are posted on companies web sites!  

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