[diggers350] Greetings

King Arthur Pendragon pendragon at dragons4.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 18 11:02:28 GMT 1999

A member of the Council of British Druid Orders

Dragon cLAW         /|\      The Arthurian Warband
Dragon Coven LAW          The Warrior Order of LAW
King Arthur Pendragon, Titular Head & Chosen Chief
  www.dragons4.demon.co.uk Fax +4487 0052 3757 

Hail Lords and Ladies
Greetings of the season, Yule and the Winter Solstice

>From all of the A team
or should that be e (mail) team ?

Carrie de Fey
and the old Bugger himself.    

Blessed Be

Yours in the Heat of Battle, the Peace of the Grove and the Sacred Space Between

Your Brother, Friend, Servant and King
Arthur Pendragon   /|\

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