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Gavin Parker Gavin.Parker at surrey.ac.uk
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Stephen and all who subscribe

A good discussion  - one that has been started by TLIO and others 
over the past few years. The Scots are going through a land reform  
(albeit more modest in ambition) process at the moment. One of their 
first bills is supposed to be a land reform bill.

There have been a lot of small bites at land reform for England and 
UK over the years, many being unrecogonised because they have been 
carefully packaged otherwise. As I am sure many reading will 
appreciate, politics is at least partly about definitions. The 
classic examp-le being the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act which, 
amongst other things, nationalised  development rights...

We also have a piece of land reform in prospect already - the right 
to roam plan. This will effectively cede the right of exclusivity 
from large areas of the Englaish and Welsh countryside. Trying to be 
positive - iIt provides a good platform for further progress on land 
regulation, control and ultimately ownership.

As for your option list I would argue that owning land becomes 
secondary - controlling land and its use is the most important 
objective. There are lots of clues strewn throughout the Labour 
governments of the Sixties and Seventies as how not to do it...


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