[diggers350] Why wait 100 years?

Stephen Bint digger at barrysworld.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 09:00:33 BST 1999

Beckahkb at aol.com asks:
> Excellent idea, well worth discussing. Why wait 100 years

If you are a pragmatist, I would say that waiting 100 years
takes the wind out of the enemy's sails. No-one is being
asked to make a very great sacrifice, so those who oppose us
seem more unreasonable.

If you are concerned with the rights of the individual, I
would say that a direct immediate snatch would put young
privileged people in a spot where they have to choose
between what is right and loyalty to their old fascist

If you are concerned with the principles of good government,
I would say that our right to prosecute Thatcher just fizzes
away if we think we have the right to do that.
Also, some twisted individuals have tricked loads of us into
buying land, so we can't hurt the landowners without hurting
our own kind. Though it incenses your ego, remember those
hostages are people we would rather have onside. What a
tragedy if the principles of common decency are made
unpopular by our spite, because we can't let the enemy get
away with the slightest little thing.

Stephen Bint

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