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Visit the website: http://www.tipiglen.dircon.co.uk/

"To put the bounty and the health of our land, our only commonwealth,
into the hands of
people who do not live on it and share its fate will always be an error.
For whatever
determines the fortune of the land determines also the fortune of the
If history teaches anything, it teaches that."
   -- Wendell Berry (http://www.tipiglen.dircon.co.uk/forward.html)
" Now it ought not to be wondered at, if
People from the Knowledge of a Man's Interest do sometimes
make a true Guess at his Designs; for, Interest, they
say, will not Lie."
--Benjamin Franklin (1729)
Local People, Who Are We?

There are among us those whose ancestors fill the local graves,
And some who have found a home here, and are likely to be buried here,
There are some who have found work here, including
Some whose employers have posted them here.
We are all local people.(http://www.tipiglen.dircon.co.uk/credo.html)

May the present and coming times bring our shared goals closer to
May we come to understand and share one another's goals where we do not
already. May the forests and communities grow and prosper together in
knowledge that we can create our own circumstances.

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