[diggers350] Diggers Land Grab starts Monday 10th May

Tony Gosling tony at gaia.org
Wed May 5 10:01:13 BST 1999

Diggers Land Grab - East Anglia
The Land Is Ours Diggers mobile phone 0961 460171

>From midday Monday 10th May 1999
the St. George's Hill Diggers will be reconverging 
and preparing to squat land in East Anglia

Meeting place is HAZ Manor, Exodus Collective, Luton.

What's happening at Exodus?
We'll be using the week at HAZ Manor to gather people and tat together
for what we hope will be a summer of land occupations. The Yurt will be
up for the week and we'll discussing strategy post St George's Hill. 
If you're coming along don't bring dogs, Exodus are quite emphatic about
that. Do bring kids, sleeping bag & tent if you have one plus any
useful/appropriate tat for our land occupation including a car if you
have one. 
Exodus people are into learning about low impact living as part of their
mission to 'disconnect from Babylon.'

Why now?
The rights of Adverse Possession (gaining title to land after squatting
it for 12 years) are under threat from the Lord Chancellor and the law
Commission. Later this year an act of parliament is due to be introduced
which may get rid of 'squatters' rights forever.  We also wanted to get
started as soon as possible after the St George's Hill occupation so as
not to loose the momentum
The weekend after (Sat/Sun 15th 16th May) we plan to hop across to squat
one of several potentially keepable bits of land we've already checked
out in East Anglia.

Why East Anglia?
Primarily because we had good contacts for abandoned land round there.
Weirdly it's the 450'th anniversary of Kett's Rebellion (which took
place 100 years before The Diggers in 1549 - I kid you not!) where
20,000 peasants led by Robert Kett, a sympathetic landowner, de-enclosed
vast swathes of Norfolk and demanded an end to private ownership of
land.  (find out more on the tlio website) So there are thoughts about
some kind of Winstanley meets Kett event in July.  There is a lot going
on around Kett's Rebellion this year including a play put on by Norwich
drama group Common Lot

How do I get to Exodus?
Bus numbers 24 and 25 (plus some others) out of Luton centre near the
bus and rail stations. HAZ Manor is on the left hand side of the A6
Barton Road just as you come out of built up Luton and into the
countryside. It's just after the last roundabout in Luton!

If you get lost and can't raise the Diggers mobile there is a payphone
in the Manor 01582 563292 

Tony Gosling
tony at gaia.org


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