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> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 20,1999
> Food Not Bombs Voicemail: + 1-415-675-9928
> San Francisco- Police arrested two Food Not Bombs activists, Oct. 20th at 
> 6pm in United Nations Plaza.  FNB volunteers were distributing free food to 
> low-income and no-income people in the plaza when the police arrived.  The 
> police surrounded the food and prevented homeless people from getting bread 
> and hot soup.
> Food Not Bombs is a non-violent direct action group that shares free food
> poor and hungry people around the world.  FNB groups collect donated food 
> and prepare meals in volunteers' kitchens.  The meals are shared in public 
> spaces to draw attention to the crisis of homelessness while an enormous 
> amount of money and resources goes to military investment.
> In San Francisco, Food Not Bombs has experienced police harassment and 
> political repression from the City government.  FNB has shared hundreds of 
> thousands of vegetarian meals with poor and hungry people since 1988.  Over 
> the years we have been arrested at least 1,000 times.  In the last 
> elections, the current administration of Mayor Willie Brown promised voters 
> that he would cease arresting FNB members. Homelessness is the central
> in the upcoming mayoral elections; with this increasing harassment, Mayor 
> Brown is demonstrating his approach.
> The arrest of the two food servers tonight, October 20th, is a clear 
> indication of the basic disrespect of human and civil rights in San 
> Francisco.
> An account from two eyewitnesses who were also serving food:
> FNB volunteers Jeff and Sasha were handcuffed together and arrested for 
> serving food to hungry people without a permit after Officer Banta told
> to stop serving and they continued. The large amount of soup and bread
> remaining was also carted off by the police. People who were there to eat 
> questioned the police on why the servers were being arrested, and the
> said "for serving food without a permit." (The permit in question is no 
> longer issued by the city, and has been used for years as a political tool 
> for selective enforcement.) As legal observers, they took down the
> names in order to contact their supervisors and file complaints about the 
> ridiculousness of arresting people for serving free food.
> FNB members were able to serve food for ten minutes before police officers 
> came to arrest us. There were about eight cops there, none of whom seemed
> know why they were there or understand the situation. The police were 
> roundly disrespectful to the community being served as well as the food 
> servers, but their anger was met with a calm and nonviolent response. The 
> police confiscated and photographed the soup and bread as evidence after 
> arresting the servers.
> 	Food Not Bombs is continuing to build community support to end the 
> political harassment of those who support the homeless community, and to 
> make criminalization of poor people unacceptable.  FNB will not reduce or 
> restrict our servings, and we will not compromise our advocacy of the
> who are under constant attack by the government of San Francisco.


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