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Mon Sep 27 12:01:17 BST 1999

where do i begin???  well I have been checking out the dialogue on this 
e-group for about 5 months now,  and it's all good stuff.       ( cheers 
tony for putting me on to this )although this is not strictly a  "diggers" 
subject... I thought i'd stick my oar in.  So, anyway it goes like this.

Yesterdays Sunday Times ( page 2 ) had the enclosed article.  for all those 
who missed Murdoch's idiot sheet.  here it is in full...

September 26 1999	BRITAIN

City rioters plot clash at Labour conference
THE anarchists behind the City of London riots in June, who call themselves 
Class War, are planning violent clashes with hunt supporters at the Labour 
party conference in Bournemouth, writes Mark Macaskill.
A Sunday Times undercover investigation has revealed evidence that other 
militant groups, including Reclaim the Streets (RTS) and the Animal 
Liberation Front, have formed a coalition to confront the pro-hunt lobby. 
The lobby plans to stage a mass demonstration with 16,000 members against a 
possible ban on fox-hunting.
Leaders of the groups are plotting to infiltrate the march to incite 
violence. Last week a member of Class War warned that "Tuesday's events are 
going to be lively" and confirmed a number of organisations who "hated the 
hunting toffs" had teamed up to disrupt the march.
Last week a reporter posing as a student learnt that militant groups, 
including Class War and RTS, had hired coaches and were planning to arrive 
in Bournemouth on Tuesday. Thor Halland, a leading member of Class War who 
was arrested for his part in the City riots, warned: "It is almost certain 
that it is going to kick off."
Some members of RTS are attending as agents provocateur, tasked with 
infiltrating the march posing as Countryside Alliance members and inciting 
Other groups are travelling to Bournemouth by train. A committee of 
eco-warriors and anti-capitalist activists is to co-ordinate the action.
Last week, the Countryside Alliance clashed with Mike O'Brien, the junior 
Home Office minister, after he accused the Alliance of allowing the British 
National party (BNP) to infiltrate it - a claim vigorously denied by both 
groups. Police chiefs have also expressed concern that violence could erupt 
after reports that members of the BNP are planning to attend.
Arnold Garvey, editor of Horse and Hound magazine, said: "I expect a strong 
presence from activist groups - but I am confident that the hunters will not 
Additional reporting: Justin Rigby

outrageous is putting it mildly...If this was in "The Sun" you could accept 
this paranoid tosh but the Sunday Times?? This is the best example of 
blatant propaganda i have come across in the mainstream media for a while.
i would like to hear from anyone who was protesting in Bournemouth yesterday 
to discuss.
it seems that hatchet journalists such as Justin Ungoed-Thomson and Justin 
Rigby have no regard for democracy and the fundamental right of human beings 
to protest.  Their agenda is clearly set, biased journalism is now the norm. 
  I may be stating the bloody obvious but these scumbags seem  bent on 
rubbishing the growing protest movement.  They have already been exposed in 
Private Eye + Schnews for their childlike attempts to infiltrate the grass 
roots movement...so i guess we should all be vigilant.

In the tradition of 'New Labour' these shabby journalistic practises should 
be named and shamed.

ian ferguson
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