[diggers350] support the London Picket against Pinochet: 200 Pinochet supporters arriving in London to support the villain

kebele at marsbard.com kebele at marsbard.com
Tue Sep 28 20:05:03 BST 1999

A call to everyone concerned about current and past violations of 
human rights in the world, South America and in this case Chile: 
The court case (another one: other people has less chances...) for 
A. Pinochet started yesterday again and it's expected to last till 
next Friday. The London Picket is demonstrating so the villain gets 
extradited to Spain and tried....BUT: there is a group of 200 
Pinochet supporter expected too to ask for the release of their 
bloody leader and by the way to canonise their hero ( to make him 
saint....) The pickets are from 9 till 5pm so numbers are needed. If 
you live in London or can spare some time, pop by:

Bow St Magistrates court. Nearest tube; Holborn 

ffi: Comite Chileno Contra la Impunidad - (EL PIQUETE DE 
LONDRES) Fenner Brockway House, 37-39 Great Guilford St, 
London SE1 OES Tel: 0171 261 9578   Fax: 0171 261 9291 e-mail: 
chilecai at hotmail.com Celulares : 0780 33 23291, 07957 650 209, 
0403 822516, 07957 214 768  

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