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>Subject: MAYDAY 2000 conference - London and worldwide
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>                 MAYDAY 2000
>'A festival of anti-capitalist ideas and action'
>                 CONFERENCE
>         Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 April
>For directions to the venue go to Holloway Rd. tube, London N7, 10am-6pm.
>Speakers include: Rob Newman, McLibel Two, Chumbawamba, Lorenzo Ervin (ex 
>Black Panther), Reclaim the Streets and Bertell Ollman (Marxist author).
>Topics include: The Seattle protests, GM crops, 21st century capitalism and 
>revolution, 'Women speak out!', workplace organising and internet activism.
>Plus: film, bookfair and much more!
>For more information check:
>This site also has links to articles on everything from war to the 
>situationists, prehistory to globalisation. There are also links to Mayday 
>events around the UK and the rest of the world.
>Also check http://www.gn.apc.org/cse for details of the
>'Global capital and global struggles' conference 1-2 July.
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