Magdalen College grounds occupation

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Mon Aug 28 00:14:31 BST 2000

Dear TLIO people,

For the last five years, in the first week of October, protesters have 
occupied a small stretch of land alongside the Cherwell in Oxford.  This 
land is owned by Magdalen College, who dug a ditch at the end of the Angel 
and Greyhound meadow in the 80's to prevent access across it to University 
Parks, a route which for a long time was a natural right of way.  In 1995 
protesters build a bridge across to the land and occupied it for the 
weekend.  They have done so every October since to maintain continual use.

I would like to see the occupation take more of a structure this year, and 
so am appealing to the core group and everyone generally to be there from 
7-8 October.  An obvious need is for TLIO yurt and information to be 
present, and I am trying to get together some speakers, performers and 
providers of food.  This is a small scale event - I only expect about 60-70 
people, but an ample opportunity to reach out to non-activists in Oxford 
and let them know the basics of land rights issues.  I am printing about 
1000 flyers which will be distributed in community spaces and across the 
activist fraternity.

Please keep this weekend free in your diaries, and if anyone has any 
resources to facilitate this working well do let me know.  I need workshop 
areas, some sort of 'stage', the portable 'fire' thing, etc etc


David Todd
16 Bartlemas Close

01865 204218

loveblanket at

PS for those of you aware of this event and a certain Mr Pope's 
participation in it, I have Edward's blessing to do all this stuff, and 
although he's in Italy at the moment I expect he'll be around closer to the 

(please note people, (lilia talking here) tlio were involved in organising 
some 5 years or so ago, so it would be a good opportunity to get involved 
again, also what do people think of us doing  mail out of the leaflet to 
all of our local oxford contacts [numbering about 60], also dave will be 
asking george to talk, he also suggests if anyone else e.g. would tony like 
to come forward)
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