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Thu Dec 7 09:25:40 GMT 2000

>DATE:Thursday December 14th, TIME:7.0.-11.0.pm.
>ADDRESS:Kingsley Hall, Powis Road, off Bruce Rd.London E3 3HJ
>Bomley By Bow tube District line and Bow Rd.Stn.DLR
>tel 0208 981 8409 for Raga.
>MAIN EVENT: Suits and Savages.
>A new documentary film produced and presented by Conscious Cinema. This 
>film examines the relationship between The World Bank, Indian Tribals and 
>the disappearing Bengal Tiger.[The video will be on sale]
>PLUS: Speakers,Discussion,Mingling.Planning Future Events
>WHO FOR:This event is a fund raiser on behalf of The Gandhi Foundation 
>[reg charity] so please bring your donations large and small. We are in 
>the process of revisioning our direction and letting some dusty 
>stereotypes blow with the wind. If you want to find out more call 0208 981 
>Things are moving at Kingsley Hall plus there's space to move!
>So, Cross Cultures For Chrismas at the famous Kingsley Hall where Gandhi 
>stayed in 1931 for twelve weeks and R.D.Laing of the anti-psychiatry 
>movement initiated a daring experiment in communal living.
>WHO'S INVITED: Urban Nomads, Bankers, Aristocrats, Street Reclaimers, 
>Politicians, Pagans, The Glitterati, The Lonely,  Nudists, People On The 
>Edge, The Beautiful Ones, The Respectable, Social and Environmental 
>Activists, Squatters, Academics, The Street Wise, Seekers, The Seriously 
>Rich, Business People, Excentric Artists, Locals, Global Travellers, Media 
>Tarts, Punks, Civil Servants, Reds, Pinks, The Reborn, The Dedicated, 
>Therapists, Royalty, Crossdressers, The Neighbours and all the friends you 
>can call up.
>Time To Celebrate Diversity, IN FACT, it's now or never!
>Extinction is for ever and ever and ever......
>Come as glittery as you dare. Bring offerings of winter greenery 
>n'decorations, candles, juicy fruit, homemade cake, salads, wine and juice 
>etc. etc.
>Fully Accessible.
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The Land Is Ours campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources 
and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone - 
irrespecitive of race, age, or gender.

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