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suefishyg suefishyg at supanet.com
Tue Feb 8 08:44:30 GMT 2000

Further to my request of 04:02:00 which was kindly solved for me by Steve Platt
is there anyone you know, or you, yourself who has been directly
affected by implimentation of CJA, and who would'nt mind talking to me through
letter, e-mail or to meet up with at Glastonbury or whatever? I need court
cases, (preferably chucked out), serial evictions affecting health, education
or other welfare, harrassment, confiscation of homes, moving rig abroad
Although this is for my (ImMature!!!) Student dissertation titled "The effects of the CJA on alternative culture in Britain", I'm not doing this from a purely academic point of view....I was a Stonehenge attender in the 70s (and Deeply Vale...ever been there? Lovely festival.) and got sucked in to Market trading in the 90s with a friend, therefore spending most of seven summers on the road at least part time. And me and the kids really miss it!
Anyway I don't want to waste your time but if you don't ask.....
Thanks again.

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