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Glad to learn of your extended portfolio.  Certainly it's appropriate for you to be on Rural Affairs.

Andy Wightman & Graham Boyd's idea for the Cuillins is one of the best ideas to surface recently.  It might light a fire under the land reform capacities which the executive's cosmetic proposals don't even touch...
I am interested to learn more of your withdrawal from Westminster.  No criticism; makes sense, and you know I feared you were overworking.  Congrats again on assiduous service at both ends of the country.  I hope a suitable, electable candidate is chosen.  You know I would favour someone from local soil, but not being a party person, my opinion is worth just that.
You'll be a hard act to follow, and a fine half of a dynamite team, should it go the right way.

I am giving you and your support staff the links below to work I've done on land reform and the forestry strategy.  Comments from yourselves welcome.  I shall be responding as an individual, local community activist, and the Centre fof Human Ecology (wherin I am a postgraduate student) will be responding as an educational institutional think tank.  Perhaps others.
On Land reform, there is a paper I wrote for Andy Wightman's caledonia pages at:
The conclusion may be of interest, and the rest if you have the headspace...
A (draft) response to a (draft)(or daft?) strategy
It's a very rough draft at the moment and I would welcome critical response (already have some)

Very much in common cause,

Ed Iglehart
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