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(extract from oxycetalene - oxford rant mag; mention of tlio )

Reclaim the Riverside
Reclaiming the Riverside - a trespasser writes
When Magdalen College blocked the path from the Angel and Greyhound meadow 
to University Parks in the 80's, a series of protests began, becoming the 
annual Magdalen occupation, which recently enjoyed its sixth successful year.
Invading private property with intent to picnic may seem a small step for 
the seasoned protester, but can often lead to harder stuff, like taking the 
initiative in breaking other nonsense laws.  It certainly took a little 
nerve to cross the bridge to Magdalen's land on the 6th, but once the domes 
and yurts were erected it felt like a proper eco-camp, and everyone present 
settled into a peaceful evening around the fire.  Magdalen kindly provided 
firewood in the shape of 'Private Property' signs.
Saturday saw torrential rain, but this cleared in the afternoon, and the 
visitor rate picked up.  Tony Gosling of The Land Is Ours settled into 
storyteller mode, obviously relishing the opportunity to stand up for land 
rights by recounting the noble exploits of TLIO over the last few years, 
including the daring 'Pure Genius' land squat in London and the timely 
occupation of St George's Hill (350 years after the Diggers) last 
year.  Edward Pope, stalwart of this campaign, filled in newcomers on the 
history of the protest and recent recruit Dave Loveblanket expressed his 
emotional connections with woodland and riverside.  Charles Parrack of 
Mapping Matters pinned out his maps and gave everyone a chance to pen in 
their own visions of a better East Oxford.
Much glorious food and continual tea saw us into the night, where 
fire-staff and fire-chain brought us a theatre of flame to counter the 
water smiting we had all endured that morning.  This spectacle blended with 
the crisp autumn air and red wine to bring a real other-worldly feel to the 
Sunday brought the first real sunshine, and saw a relaxed afternoon of 
paper-reading, fun on the swing and general eco-babble.  The only sign of 
challenge was a Magdalen porter, who inquired kindly into our well-being 
and was warmed up with a nice cuppa.  Protesters finally packed up and left 
the site on Sunday evening feeling empowered and enriched by the 
combination of fresh air and gentle dissent.  The number of people there 
had doubled from last year, and will hopefully double again with the 
next.  Next stop - Wychwood Forest?
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