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Day of Action around the world on Monday September 11th against the World Economic Forum, being held in Melbourne, Australia, where the 100 top bosses from the world's largest transnationals will be meeting.  50,000 demonstrators are expected to stand up for global justice and shut it down.

While in London on the same day, Solidarity demo at 5pm, starting from Shell - Mex House, the Strand, London.

from the S11 Solidarity website ( :  
Australia - The lucky country in the year 2000
212 years of colonisation
Previous Labour governments refused to implement national land rights legislation - the current conservative [Liberal] government can't even say sorry foer the ploicy of taking children from their homes.  
While the Olympics are going on, black Australians
-are 15 times more likely to be imprisoned
-are still waiting for the Aust Gov't to pay compensation from 1950's atomic tests
-have been particularly affected by evictions and gentrification in inner Sydney

No wonder the Austrialian Government has been condemned by the UN Committee for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination in Geneva.  
Whilewhile, these are some of the banks, drugs cartels and mining companies who benefit from stealing Aboriginal land and perpetuating racist divisions among working people in Australia.

Westpac Bank [Olympic sponsor and No.1 shareholder in the Jabiluka mine, which is located on the land of the Aboriginal 'Mirrar' tribe].
BHP 'the Big Australian' [Owners of Ok Tedi mine, polluting rivers in Papua New Guinea] Neathouse Place SW1
National Australian Bank [Biggest bank, major imperialist player in South East Asia and the Pacific]   6-8 Tokenhurst Yard London EC2

The World Economic Forum is an exclusive, un-elected, invite-only organisation. 
A 'think tank' and a driving force behind the global economy.

Incorporated since 1971 as a foundation, the WEF claims to be "independent, impartial and not-for-profit, tied to no political, partisan or national interests." 

It has a consultative status with the United Nations. 

Members include: 1000 CEOs from the worlds top (sic) multi-national corporations. Academics, trade-ministers, heads of state, and elite media also attend as guests.

The WEF holds its annual meeting in the small ski resort town of Davos in the Swiss Alps. 

According to the WEF this meeting is now considered the global summit that defines the political, economic and business agenda for the year. 

The WEF's summits allow the richest and most powerful corporations in the world to mingle with trade representatives from nations, and with each other, to make business deals and determine global political and economic policies. 

According to the WEF, it initiated the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the focus of protest in Seattle last year. 

Its 1982 annual meeting in Davos brought together cabinet members of major countries with heads of international organisations, such as the World Bank, IMF, and GATT. This special Informal Gathering of Trade Ministers from 17 countries organised the launch of the Uruguay Round, which is where the WTO was founded. 

This is just one significant example of how the WEF, driven by its corporate agenda,shapes the political, economic and social landscape. 

The World Economic Forum is an extremely powerful and unaccountable body who are making major decisions about what we will read in the media, what food we will eat, what we will study in school, where, when and in what conditions we will work; almost every aspect of our everyday life.

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