stonehenge saturday sunrise

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Thu Dec 20 22:30:27 GMT 2001

stonehenge saturday sunrise is solstice i think.

(hi, im emailing this to you from my bus
thursday evening
in the track at stonehenge
powered by the
Wandsworth Eco Village windmill!
PS I know techinicifickily its a generator not a mill
but any child knows its called a windmill!

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Subject: [dicenews] wiltshirrying
Date: 19 December 2001 23:45

dear friends,
Stonehenge Solstice sunrise is probably Saturday 22nd,
Friday 21st --22nd is the longest night.
Friday is the shortest day.
Saturday the southest sunrise.
I think.
But I did get it wrong in the
September Stonehenge Newsletter-
there is no Saturday 23rd Dec 2001 !

I'm online with this Dell laptop. Windmill powered.
But only 16 colours/colors - drivers?

I want to write webpages
not debug windows.

And theres candlewax in the mousepad!

Wed19December-in my bus in Wiltshire, tomorrow is it's MOT.
50 - 50 if it passes.
Sometimes the windscreen wipers dont work,
sometimes the front left indicator doesnt work,
I've been gungumming various exhaust leaks
and sometimes it doesnt start.
This time last year plus one day the diff broke.

And in Afghanistan it sounds like
Bin Liner has escaped,
I dont think he's admitted responsibility
for September 11th
which I thought he should've
if he was.

And geocities have been hiding my webpages

====23:32 19/12/2001
(windows notepad / F5)

heres a letter I sent the Stonehenge Newsletter:

Dear Stonehengles,
  sorry about my mistoke in our September Newsletter: winter solstice
sunrise is probably  Saturday 22nd December, (not 23rd.)
But some argue for Friday 21st sunrise, or sunset - when, if you
stand in the Avenue looking over the Helestone at Stonehenge you'd
see the sun set dead centre over the Stones. Midwinter solstice
sunset is opposite Midsummer solstice sunrise, as can be seen from a
three dimensional model of the planets (if you believe in  Kepler's

The builders of Stonenge didn't have digital watches. I think they
stuck sticks in the circular bank in the direction of sunrises and
sunsets. Each morning the stick would be a bit further than the day
before, until one day the direction changed. The stick of the day
before was the furthest, whereat the sun's motion stopped, or stuck,
from the latin 'sol' for sun and 'stickere' to stick. (ish).

I've been cycling up and down the Fosse Way, a long straight track
that was here in Somerset long before the Romans came. There are
wooded hillforts at the heights along it.

The countryside is now the inverse of what it was when the earthworks
were built and the Fosse Way cut: then the low land was wild wooded,
the heights cleared. Perhaps they'd leave some trees for lookouts, or
build their own huge wooden structures, as at Woodhenge, (from
whereup Stonehenge could be seen, (and in which they'd be warm and
dry in Britain's dark wet winters)).

Some classify societies/cultures as somewhere on a line between Law-
>Chaos, Slavery->Freedom, Conservatism->Fashions, but I think of that
line as the base of a triangle at the top of which is Art. The
pyramids were safe tombs for dead kings, St Pauls is a huge dry space
where masses can sing to the glory of their Church, but Stonehenge is
a mystery, a great work of art.

george at  07970-378-572


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