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For those (there are now some 500 of you!) following this issue and the 
letter we sent earlier this week to the Chief Constable of Strathclyde, we 
are pleased to say that he has replied promptly, though the question posed 
has not been addressed or answered.  (see below).

More significantly today, Friday 21st October, the day of the Chief 
Constable's letter,  a reporter from a major Scottish newspaper contacted 
us seeking comment on information allegedly received from the press office 
of Strathclyde Police to the effect that 20 community members involved in 
the campaign and the events of 7th August are to be variously charged (or 
have been - we do not know who !.) The figure 20 being quite clearly stated.

When the press office was asked by our campaign today whether this was 
true, the answer was quite categorically that no such information had been 
given to the press, and went on to explain that when the press phoned they 
were told that the investigations were ongoing and there would be some 
charges.  When asked if this would be 3 or 50 or even a 100 the answer was 
that that such information could not be given out.  Tomorrow we are told 
that a newspaper is to run a story that i20 are to be charged on the basis 
of police information.  In other words it seems, the media can be given 
information by the police but the public who are involved cannot or will 
not be given such information.  Someone is clearly not telling the truth.

It will not have escaped your attention either that our last press release 
confirmed that the Deputy Chief Constable of Fife Police (leading the 
investigation into the Strathclyde Police Role in the events of 7th August) 
told our campaign members and individual members 3 weeks ago (and confirmed 
this week) that 18 police officers were to be reported to the Procurator 
Fiscal.  It seems neither Fife or Strathclyde Police will give this 
information to the media YET Strathclyde Police seems happy to give the 
detail of the number of charges it is bringing against citizens 
(above).  What this means is that the media cannot run a story with the 
information about charges being made against the police but can run a story 
with charges against local people because the police will not confirm 
charges against police.  Is this right or fair?

We suggest that this might be seen as  blatant manipulation of the media 
and a clear attempt to undermine the campaign to save Govanhill Pool and 
local community members.

Is it the case that the police will now spend the holiday period arresting 
and charging people - after nearly five months?  Is it a coincidence that 
these arrests and charges  are announced immediately the charges against 
Strathclyde police are announce by Fife police?  Worse than this, a 
reporter also claims that a police source has actually named one person 
Strathclyde Police "intend" to charge but have not yet done so.  The 
implications of all this, if true, are quite profound and for many, really 
rather sinister.

Dr Nick McKerrell LLB & Mr Andrew Johnson Daisy Street Resource Centre 
Daisy Street Govanhill GLASGOW

Police Headquarters 173 Pitt Street GLASGOW G2 4JS  Direct Line: 0141 532 
2549  Your ref:  Our ref: MK/IMM   Date: 21 December 2001

Dear Sirs


I write on behalf of Mr William Rae, Chief Constable, to acknowledge 
receipt of your e-mail dated 18 December 2001.

Mr McInnes, the Deputy Chief Constable of Fife Constabulary, was appointed 
to investigate the complaints made against members of this Force at the 
request of the Regional Procurator Fiscal for Glasgow, Mr L A Higson.

Regional Procurators Fiscal have a duty to investigate all complaints which 
are made against police officers where the complaint alleges that a crime 
may have been committed by a police officer or officers in the course of 
their duty.   This duty is exercised in a way which is entirely independent 
of the police and in carrying out this duty, the Regional Procurator Fiscal 
provides a completely impartial and thorough system of investigation.

You will wish to be aware that Mr McInnes will submit his report direct to 
Mr Higson.   His report will not be presented to Strathclyde Police.

-  2  -

With regard to the overall policing strategy adopted on the day, Mr McInnes 
was also asked to examine this aspect on behalf of the Force.   The Chief 
Constable has not yet received Mr McInnes’ report.  Once the Regional 
Procurator Fiscal’s involvement in this matter is concluded, the entire 
events of 7 August 2001 will be subject of a full review by the 
Force.  Please be assured that all those who made a complaint against the 
police or raised concerns regarding our strategy on the day will receive a 
full response.

Yours sincerely

Staff Officer to the Chief Constable


Daisy Street Resource Centre, Daisy Street, Govanhill, Glasgow

Dear Staff Officer to the Chief Constable,

Many thanks for this speedy reply.  It is good of you to use this medium in 
this way.

Unfortunately your reply does not seem to answer the question posed.

We assumed, as we said,  that the complaints could be prejudiced if made 
public.  Are we to assume that the Report about the strategy the police 
adopted on that day is not therefore to be made public?  A considerable 
number of people made comment about this aspect and it seems to us, as we 
said,  those present on that day are entitled to have a copy of this 
report.  For such a report not to be placed in the public domain may well 
leave some to wonder if full transparency is the objective being pursued.

We would also be glad if you could explain why it is that this aspect of 
the Inquiry should not be considered until after the Procurator Fiscal's 

We look forward to hearing from you and again, many thanks for your speedy 

Yours sincerely

Andrew Johnson
Dr Nick McKerrell


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