MayDay 2001

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MayDay 2001

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and for MayDay in London, people have gone for the MayDay Monopoly idea.
For more info, check out the inspirational WOMBLES_ web-site:

Statement of Political Intention
We are Underground, over ground, Wombling free,
Keeping the filth off our streets, common are we!

The White Overalls movement is designed to build effective libertarian 
socialist struggle. We are by no means liberal reformist. We do not believe 
that the present system can be changed through lobbying or parliamentary 
democracy. We advocate effective class struggle revolution and nothing 
else. We also believe that successful revolution can only be undertaken by 
the oppressed majority, without the hindrance of party political 
organizations that would wish to represent us in times of mass social 
struggle. We build solidarity with people who want to fight for a better 
global society. This includes women, children, the elderly, disabled, the 
working class and those subjugated by racism, neo-imperialism and religious 
We have grown out of what the media has termed the 'anti-capitalist' 
movement. We build on and align ourselves which the Libertarian 
Socialist/@narchist tradition. This means we oppose a nationalist solution 
to the problems of capitalism and oppose all forms of hierarchy, authority 
and control - State or personal.
Experts at the Wombles top secret burrow are currently developing a class 
bomb which when used will wipe out the ruling class, stun the middle class 
and emancipate the working class (with the exception of Slough, Staines and 
Basildon which will be left untouched- big uppies to da massives!) Until 
then we shall use our energies, humour and solidarity to challenge both 
their monopoly over the social organization of us (State) and their 
dominance both economic and cultural (Capital).
You are invited to join the global force which has arisen from the burrows 
of Chiapas, Birmingham, London, Seattle, Prague and Wimbledon and will be 
visible back on the streets on MAYDAY TUESDAY MAY 1ST 2001. As the global 
capitalist misery machine continues, our struggle will continue.
Love and Rage
Madame Cholet and Uncle Bulgaria

White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles W.O.M.B.L.E.S
For more info call 0771 541 3218

The Land Is Ours
... A Landrights Movement for All

The Land Is Ours campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources 
and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone - 
irrespecitive of race, age, or gender.

Postal address :
16B Cherwell St, OXFORD, OX4 1BG, England.
or contact us at:  office at
Press enquiries :  0961 460171
website :

For a year's subscription for the TLIO  newsletter (3 times a year), we are 
asking for £3 per annum.  Please make cheques payable to "The Land Is Ours". 

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