SPEECH ON PLAYHOUSE BILL , By Lord Chesterfield, 1737 London

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Subject: [LegacyofColonialism] SPEECH ON PLAYHOUSE BILL , By Lord
Chesterfield, 1737 London

>                 SPEECH ON PLAYHOUSE BILL
>    By Lord Chesterfield - June 1737

Let us consider, my lords, that arbitrary power has seldom or never been
introduced into any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees
and, as it were step by step, less the  people perceive its approach. The
barriers and fences of the people's defenses must be plucked up, one by one,
and some plausible pretence must be found to remove or hoodwink one after
another those sentries who are posted by the Constitution of every free
country for warning the people of their danger. When these preparatory steps
are once made, the people may then, indeed with regret, see slavery and
arbitrary power making long strides over their  land, but it will then
be too late to think of preventing or avoiding the  impending ruin.

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