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>Dynamo Flashlights
>My name is Dan Van Zanten my wife Robyn and I have been involved in 
>Permaculture for some years now here in Australia, we have taken our 
>beliefs in a Sustainable future further by finding products that were 
>Battery Free in fact a flashlight that didn't use Batteries at all ! 
>that's right No Batteries, because it is hand powered we were sick and 
>tired of buying bloody polluting expensive batteries!
>Now whenever we pick up our flashlight it works. So the upshot to this is 
>we now, after selecting from 7 different models worldwide, directly import 
>the best Dynamo Flashlights from Russia (A Co-operatively owned factory, 
>the workers bought the factory) and are offering our Permaculture 
>colleagues the chance to get hold of them for Christmas. We ship worldwide 
>but you would have to get your orders in fast for Christmas. We are 
>running some specials if you want to group buy (10 or more the best way) 
>also it is a good time to take advantage of the low Australian Dollar at 
>present it is only worth .53cents to the USD .
>Please come to our site it has Video of the 
>Flashlights, Pictures, FAQ'S and all the information also On-line and 
>Off-line Ordering.
>If you need more information please mailto:dynamoflash at with 
>your questions.
>And Wishing all a Merry Battery Free Christmas and a Sustainable New Year !
>Dan & Robyn
>    Dynamo Flashlights
>    Contact:Dany Van Zanten
>       P.O  Box 170, Urunga, 2455 N.S.W. Australia.
>    Tel: (61) 02 66556604
>   Fax: (61) 02 66555712
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