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Dear all,

There is a unique opportunity to voice your opinion in the national land 
debate and the future use of land including farming, housing, livelihoods 
and access to land on Oct. 6.  We hope you can participate and join us on 
the day, organised by the UK Permaculture Association.

For full details see below and also the attached files: the Press Release 
(Word file) + Program and Flyer in pdf files.  If you can share this 
information we would be grateful.

Best wishes

J. Evelight + J.Bryant

To partnership groups and alliances, editors and leaders (Please inform 
your local contacts)

Fuelling a national debate on the future use of land in Britain

October 6, Kingsley Hall, Bromley-by-Bow, East London
Organised by the Permaculture Association (Britain)

What is your opinion on the current use of land, agriculture and planning 
policies in this Country?

In the light of the foot and mouth epidemic, a disaster to farming in 
Britain, the Permaculture Association of Britain is hosting a public 
debate.  We believe that a dialogue between Government and the many voices 
of people who have a stake in the use of land in this
country is the only way to safeguard our land as a rich and sustainable 
resource available for all and not limited to a chosen few.

The Government has announced a new Policy Commission on Farming and Food 
which will advise on how the UK will achieve a sustainable rural 
economy.  Corporations and Landowners continue
to dominate land use.  The new Department for the Environment, Food and 
Rural Affairs (DEFRA) no longer includes planning, now under the Department 
of Transport and Local Government, leaving agriculture divorced from planning.

Access to land for sustainable, low-scale, and low-impact use for food, 
livelihood and housing remains largely excluded when such activities are 
proven to be a solution.

Shape the debate - and voice your opinion, highlight your issues and help 
us to set the agenda for government in the UK and where we go from here.

>The Permaculture Association (Britain) can be contacted at:
>Postal address: BCM Permaculture Association, London, WC1N
>Tel / Fax: 0845 4581805
>Email: office at permaculture.org.uk
>Web: www.permaculture.org.uk
>Charity number 290897.
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The Land Is Ours
... A Landrights Movement for All

The Land Is Ours campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources 
and the decision making processes affecting them, for everyone - 
irrespecitive of race, age, or gender.

Postal address :
16B Cherwell St, OXFORD, OX4 1BG, England.
or contact us at:  office at tlio.demon.co.uk
Press enquiries :  07961 460171
website :  http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/

For a year's subscription for the TLIO  newsletter (3 times a year), we are 
asking for £3 per annum.  Please make cheques payable to "The Land Is Ours". 


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