FEUDAL RIGHTS in Alstonefield, Staffordshire - a case note of a recent dispute

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Fri Oct 5 15:30:27 BST 2001

the story below begs the question, why-on-earth are ancient titles are sold 
on the open market at-all?

- [featured on BBC Radio-4's "You & Yours" (transmission - 18/09/01)].
Legal arguments are raging over the exercise of ancient legal rights which 
are blighting people's homes in Alstonefield in Staffordshire and in 
neighbouring villages. At the centre of the dispute is a businessman, Mark 
Roberts who bought the title of Lord of the Manor of Alstonefield. These
ancient titles are often sold at auction for their novelty value but Mr 
Roberts who paid £10,000 for his, is claiming what he says are his ancient 
rights over acres of Staffordshire moorlands and properties in several 
villages. People living in the area claim house sales are falling through
and farmers are unable to find buyers for their land because of Mr Roberts.

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