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>Details on Gloucester March organised by Hector Christie - Devon farmer.
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>The Foot and Mouth - Full Public Enquiry March.
>On Saturday 27th October there will be a march in Gloucester to demand a 
>full public enquiry in to the government s handling of Foot and Mouth. 
>Please meet at 12:30 pm. at The Park. Turn off at junction 11 to 
>Gloucester, turn right on A417 Over Causeway, left ring road St Oswalds Rd 
>leads to Priory road, then Gouda Way into Black Dog Way into Brutom all 
>part of ring road. Just past the station there is a sign to the superstore 
>and Metzs Way turn off here and park in Asda or B&Q car park. There is a 
>pedestrian access via B&Q to The Park. Here there will be speakers and 
>music from Seize the Day.
>Gloucester is central and will provide an opportunity to meet others from 
>around the country; until now just a voice on the end of a telephone.
>At 2:30 p.m. we will march on the local government Building, Shire Hall in 
>the town centre (DEFRA s building is sadly too far away).
>Please bring banners drums, etc. to lend to a colourful yet hard hitting 
>and powerful day of non-violent direct action.
>We MUST all stick together and fight the appalling Welfare Cull which 
>threatens to far outweigh the FMD crisis.
>Our demand is simple. We want a full enquiry before we are all wiped out 
>by large faceless conglomerates who are rapidly claiming our land and 
>We will then march back to the ASDA car park (approx. 3.30) where locally 
>grown produce will be displayed on stalls, and copies of the leaflet below 
>handed out. Please, please email and tell everyone you can to get them to 
>this vital march.
>Please photocopy 100s and distribute widely, HELP SAVE OUR CULTURE!
>The 5 biggest supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Safeway, Sainsburys and 
>Somefield) control around 70% of UK food trade. Unless we act soon, these 
>companies, and the other Multinational agri-businesses (such as Unilever, 
>Monsanto, Nestle and Cargill) will control the entire food chain from farm 
>to fork.
>The all-powerful, undemocratically elected World Trade Organisation (WTO), 
>the CAP, our own UK government and its crony, the National Farmer s Union 
>(NFU) wholeheartedly support Big Business. They support agribusiness 
>including pesticide corporations, pharmaceuticals companies and the 
>globalised movement of food over small environmentally sustainable farms.
>We import practically the same as we export with regard to sheep, pig 
>products and milk.
>Increased risks of transmitting diseases such as FMD and Swine Fever 
>globally. Intensive farming practices cause a threat to human health such 
>as salmonella, BSE and e. coli.
>Phenomenal pollution results from air, land and sea transportation, 
>ludicrous excessive food packaging and the deadly chemicals abundantly 
>applied on large monoculture orientated farms, and is one of the biggest 
>contributors to the rapidly escalating climate changes.
>The EU imports live animals from as far away as Africa and South America. 
>Many of the Big corporations have no love for animals and treat them as 
>mere commodities, frequently flouting basic animal rights.
>The chemical-ridden, near-sterilised soil deficient in vital minerals and 
>vitamins is a major cause of CANCER. The problem is, doctors get struck 
>off for seriously promoting nutrition. Healthily grown leeks and cabbages 
>cannot be patented i.e. pharmaceutical companies would lose money!. 1 in 3 
>males in the U.K. are destined for cancer. Who are the real terrorists on 
>this planet?. Supermarkets are filled with cheap nutritionless food. Plus 
>don't trust the "Organic" imports on the shelves - see 
>Small farms using dung for vegetables are HEALTHY and rich in minerals and 
>vitamins. Such farms are now dying thanks to FMD and "loaded"economics. 
>Also, as Blair was due to announce vaccination for housed cattle against 
>FMD this spring it was Asda and Nestle who said they'd refuse to accept 
>vaccinated products ( despite us accepting vaccinated products from 26 
>other countries world wide!). VACCINATION WORKS, is far cheaper than 
>slaughter and SAFE. The consequence was farmers feared their vaccinated 
>produce would be unsaleable, and many more millions of healthy livestock 
>were killed unnecessarily ..... Oh, and by coincidence, multinational food 
>chains can now import more cheap, often hormone implanted, carcenogenic 
>meat from the Americas and Eastern Europe. Big industrial farms will 
>survive, most small farms won't. Our dealings/legislation with FMD and BSE 
>mirrors perfectly our overall TRAGIC LOVE OF MONEY OVER AND ABOVE LIFE- 
>both animal AND human.
>Free Trade results in farmers in third world countries finding their land 
>turned over to plantations supplying export crops rather than being able 
>to grow food to guarantee their own food security. The multinationals that 
>own these plantations happily use pesticides banned in Europe and pay 
>workers next to nothing. It s no wonder that European and US small farmers 
>can t compete.
>The supermarkets' own research states one new supermarket results in the 
>loss of 276 jobs in the local area -inclusive of those it creates.
>Having lost their jobs, the proud independent small farmers, the heart of 
>rural Britain, will soon be working on mind numbing, spirit crushing 
>bar-coded checkout tills for some faceless multinational boss "...Would 
>you like to use the points on yer savers card sir?"
>Revoke article 44 introduced by our beloved WTO to banish the "Rome 
>agreement" which allows a country to shut its borders on "welfare 
>considerations." We are currently killing 1000s of animals per day because 
>we can't move or sell them while exports roll in by the lorry load. We 
>incinerate or bury our health animals whilst many afghans starve.
>Introduce large taxation on environmentally damaging inorganic fertiliser, 
>herbicide and pesticide. The NFU has teamed up with pesticide 
>manufacturers to oppose such a plan! See 
>Encourage small Eco-friendly, sustainable farms selling produce locally. 
>E.g. allow them to sell an odd shaped carrot with mud on it!
>Compulsory introduction of transparency clauses (mark up) in supermarkets 
>as in Europe, and access to supermarkets by the monopolies commission. One 
>local farmer recently sold a 25 Kg lamb to a supermarket for £16.00. The 
>chops and legs etc. Retail at the shelves for £190.00, a mark-up of 12 
>times. Please don't be deceived by the supermarkets claims to support 
>local. It's mere crumbs from the rich man's table to keep the public 
>satisfied. They pay, e.g. a strawberry farmer the bare minimum, add a huge 
>mark up and ruthlessly drop him if, for example, the quality drops even 
>slightly. HUGE PROFIT is their SOLE MOTIVATION.
>Each one of you can make a huge difference. Supermarkets estimate we spend 
>an average of £70,000 with them in our life. Please please shop with your 
>feet. A new Tescos is being strongly proposed in Bideford. This will 
>effectively finish off small businesses in this area. Please sign our 
>petition against this on our website at 
>http// If you are keen to actively help 
>in protests against the development, such as handing out leaflets, 
>organising letter writing, an organic picnic site?, vigils, rallies up to 
>lying in front of bulldozers!! Please let me have your name number and 
>e-mail on our e-mail; <mailto:tapeley_park at>tapeley_park at
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