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> ~~~ American War  ~~  Tuesday 18th September 2001 ~~~
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> I've got no telly but last Tuesday mMatt phoned me
> and told me about the trouble in New York,
> I went and told them next door and we watched on telly
> as the first pictures came on of the fire, the second
> plane, the Pentagon, the fourth plane - we guessed it'd
> been shot down by american 'friendly fire' or the hostages
> had fought back.
> It could've been worse - they could've targeted a nuclear
> power station and killed and cancered tens of thousands of
> innocents.
> It isn't perhaps so very different than American cruise
> missiles killing civilians while they aimed for Serbian TV
> propaganda building or a city centre Iraqi military
> command centre, or the millions of human tragedies and
> betrayals since World War Two in Yalta,  Palestine,
> Kurdistan, East Timor, Rwanda etcetera. (I spell etcetera
> out long because its a very big etcetera).
> The victims at the Belgrano and the retreat from Kuwait
> were mostly conscripts, whereas the millionaire
> capitalists in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
> warriors had chosen that lifestyle rather than eco-Protest.
> Firemen, janitors and kids were killed in New York,
> its not black and white, Tash or Aslan?
> I'm against war, I'm 99% per cent fluffy,
> not an eye for an eye or total non-violence
>  but reserving the right (and duty) to, for example,
> assassinate a Hitler. I could've, but I ain't, yet.
> Tuesday could've been worse: Arafat's immediate response
> was sadness at more killing, empathy for the bereaved:
> good man.
> And the Yanks have at least paused for a week to think and
> find out what's what and who's who, if not why.
> It reminds me of times when I've been attacked. The first
> consideration is to stop the violence, the second that it
> won't flare up again, the third is why?, and how to make
> it so it doesn't happen again. I know I've sometimes
> failed - but the only absolute defence against ever being
> hit again is either to kill everybody, or myself. Neither
> would stop all violence. And there's life to be lived,
> friends, family, responsibilities, positivisms, art,
> music...
> The American constitution of Freedom derives from Tom Paine.
> Me, I'm closer to Tom Paine than Presidents Bush:
> Paine's freedom of ownership of property was of a farmer
> living with and improving the land, feeding humanity;
> not global capitalism bullying and fixing the system
> so the Third World starves whilst this American generation
> consumes our planet.
> In 1986 in Green CND and the Young Liberals I declared the
> Third World War: rich against poor, north against south.
> If I'd been at the top of those towers would I have
> jumped? My impact could kill a survivor on the ground.
> But burning is a terrible death, I remember Roger's
> screams that night in London - funny but almost the last
> job I was offered was after Wandsworth Eco Village's
> cardboard fire (by a fireman!)
> I'm for freedom, I'm very liberal, even freedom to do
> things I don't like, like talking nonsense and lies and
> freedom of speech - so long as it doesn't hurt others too
> much. Freedom for women to walk around naked without being
> insulted (as once at Rainbow Circle) or executed (as in
> Iran). Freedom to dance, freedom to be wrong or silly or
> foolish, freedom to drugs, freedom to believe in astrology
> or crop circles or God or Allah or Hecate or Irene
> or Freud or Marx or Santa or Greenspan.
> Freedom to justice - not to be trashed by the  police as
> almost happened to me. Freedom to trial by jury. But not
> freedom to murder - murderers should be locked up until
> they're sorry, or something like that: they destroy the
> freedom of others to walk down the road; freedom to be
> mild.
> I probably disagree with some of the above, I've just
> typed it fast. I'm sure you'll disagree with something
> I've writ - if only because the words will mean something
> slightly different to you, depending on where you've heard
> them before, on how you use them.
> For instance my use of the word 'nonsense' is special,
> I'm secretly referring to paedophiles and rumours and
> witch hunts and perfidys; but for legal and moral reasons
> I shouldn't discuss certain people on the internet.
> However let me say for the thousandth time that I'm
> against child abuse. I agree with and honour the United
> Declarations declaration of the Rights of the Child, I've
> got a copy filed somewhere; but truer than that
> committee's legalisms is a poem which I hold to my heart
> on Children by Kahil Gibran which was read out at our
> Kierra's funeral. She was killed in a car crash,
> with so many others. But I support the freedom to drive
> and to drink alcohol - but not at the same time.
> Osama bin Laden has, the radio says, denied having any
> part in the attacks of September 11th. I would have
> thought that if, as seems likely, he was a part of the
> plot, then that as part of his 'holy war' against America
> he should have admitted responsibility. That would seem
> more honourable to me.
> I remember in a pub once with Arthur, (the self-proclaimed
> King Arthur of Stonehenge media tart). I argued against
> his swearing his oaths on Truth Honour and Justice.
> They're all three male rational philosophies.  And whilst
> I'm generally for them, higher, and above the three, is
> love.
>  (c) 2001
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