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>>>on  a national-by-national basis. ???

theres other alternatives,
lots of different structiures at different levels,
some things decided globally,
some for europe,
some england,
some parish council,
many by the individual..

what really pissed me off about thatcher's MPs
is that they wanted all power to Westminster,
not devolving much up or down
or sideways

the germans voted for hitler,
the israelis for Sharon

and because i dont like 'nationalism'
therefore i'm against 'internationalism'
which presupposes 'nations'

and with nations theres the problem of where
turkey and kurdistan have their borders,
and what happens to those of a minority tribe
born the wrong side of the borders,
and those who're 'mixed race'
like farmers hedges and cattle,
a way of rationing food...
does a person belong to the land where one's born?

its american nationalism thats scary,
most brits know our fate is linked with europe
but i fear some americans think they could go it alone,
pull up the drawbridge

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> OK, I don't totally dismiss you. Anarchist cooperative self determination.
> but it can only ever be achieved if devolved but still subject to some
kind of
> state assembley-central governance - across the world on a
> basis.

> Mark.S.Brown

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