Nazi Labour and the Gypsies

Tony Gosling tony at
Sat Aug 3 13:22:44 BST 2002

There are many in the gypsy movement who are wholly against the new
legislation. As it is likely to create gypsy ghettos.  

Increased powers of eviction and similar attacks on Gypsies and Travellers
way of life - Beanfield Thatcherite or otherwise - most certainly ARE
fascist in my view.  They are designed to force people into the clutches of
the conventional rent/money dependent economy and target some of the most
vulnerable members of society who are fighting simply for the space to exist.

Any land rights campaign should be extremely cautious about supporting ANY
increased police powers to evict.  In principle ALL evictions should be
civil not criminal matters.  

I express my concern again that any such new police powers could be
supported by any serious landrights campaign.

Tony Gosling
0117 944 6219


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