Zimbabwe land restoration is a good thing

Tony Gosling tony at gaia.org
Tue Aug 13 15:53:59 BST 2002

Mugabe's hardly an Angel - which world leader is? But he is no more a
'loathsome thug' than the white colonists that took hold of his nation and
that he is attempting to oust. 

There's a lot of Bristish taxpayers money gone into making the world hate
Mugabe. An indication that he might be doing something right this time. The
land reform programme in Zim. has been the subject of concerted propaganda
attacks by the UK Foreign Office and MI6. 

And the Movement for Democratic Change is a Western Neo-liberal invention.
Not a grassroots party.  Effectively 'our guys' from a British perspective.

There was a banner on last night's Channel 4 news saying
"The Land Is Now Yours"

Reason for celebration I'd say ;-)

Tony Gosling

At 12:45 12/08/02 -0700, you wrote:
>That loathsome thug Mugabe actually used the phrase:
>"the land is ours" in a speech today.  Is providence
>trying to tell us something?
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