Mugabe is a thug.

Brendan Boal b_m_boal at
Fri Aug 16 01:50:56 BST 2002

I fully recognise that coverage of Zimbabwe in the
British press is implicitly racist and imperialist.  I
also hold no brief whatsoever for the descendants of
the white invaders who first stole the land from black
Africans.  I merely observe that if land reform is
carried out(as it has been)by thuggery, intimidation
and at great cost to the economy, we can hardly
congratulate the man who has had 20 years to make a
better job of it.  Also, bearing in mind that Mugabe
has a well documented record of genocide against some
thousands of his own people, describing him as a
'loathsome thug' can really only be criticised on the
basis that it somewhat understates the fact. 

As for his statement that 'the land is ours,' the real
question is whose? will it really be distributed, as
it should be, in small parcels to the millions of
landless poor, or carved up among Mugabe's cronies?
Don't hold your breath.

White imperialism may be bad, but this does not mean
that all black african politicians who oppose it are
good.  Capitalism is equally corrupt whoever organises
it.  We really should be politically sophistocated
enough to grasp this. 


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