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Remember, Rejoice, Resist!


7th –9th December
St. Catherine’s Hill

Camping in Winter
Bring what you expect to find….
No dogs, please!

Twas on this day battle begun,
We have fought many since, and some we won.
Lest we forget Yellow Wednesday we celebrate
10 years have we grown with our fight,
To expose the wrongs of the corporate shite.
Now one and all to St Caths come,
And dream a way for our war for the world to be won.

Ten years on from the Earth Summit.
Ten years of lip service and greenwash.
Ten years of accelerated climatic change,
Species extinction, waste, folly and slaughter,
As the gap between rich and poor widens, 
The repression of those who dare to say no grows
As fast as the profits of the corporations
Responsible for much of the damage.
It is time to end business as usual……

If you require more directions about how to get there, then please contact Indra (e-mail: indradon at ).

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