Coppicing Weekend at Tinkers Bubble

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Date:  Thu Jan 31, 2002  4:55 pm
Subject:  Coppicing Weekend at Tinkers Bubble

Dear friends,
Hello from Tinkers Bubble! We are writing to you to invite you to our 
annual coppicing weekend to be held on the weekend of March 2nd and 
3rd. We always look forward to this weekend as a way to get lots of 
essential coppicing work done while we catch up with old friends and 
meet new ones. We hope that some of you would like to come along to 
help us out and practice your coppicing skills. We still do all of 
our coppicing work using hand tools and lots of people power. We will 
put you up, feed you loads of good food, and have a big party on the 
following Tuesday to celebrate the birthday of Becca Laughton (our 
newest member).
We really hope you will be able to join us. Our community has been 
doing really well this year and we would like to share the spirit!
Call us if you want to come. Our number is 01935 881 975. We will 
give you directions and book you a bed. Bring your own wellies, 
sleeping gear, and tools if you have them (don't worry if you don't). 
If you can't make it, still feel free to stop by and see us sometime.
Lots of love,
The Bubblers

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