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Well currently you are taxed on your labour.  The harder you work the 
more they tax you.  A disincentive.  For your kids have only one tax.

1.  Remember, land rent is levied right now, but in addition taxes 
are also levied on wages etc. So if land rent replaced taxes on 
labour and if the rent/price of land remained unchanged by the switch 
then people who received wages would be better off to the extent of 
the taxes they now pay on their wages

2.  The price of land will actually fall as a result of its  
possession being taxed A lot of land is presently being held out of 
use for no other purpose than to collect an increase in its price. If 
charges were made for the holding of this land then all land held for 
this purpose would be sold to someone prepared to use it to create 
wealth and so pay the tax.  There would be a 'land bonanza' as all 
this badly used land were sold by owners who would be faced by 
unpayable tax bills if they retained ownership..The price of land 
would fall dramatically.

3  If the rent were collected centrally and redistributed equally to 
everyone then as the price of land rises, then the 'dividend' that 
each citizen receives from his share of the central collection of 
that rent also rises to the same degree. This means that if one owns 
a plot of typical value, one does not pay any rent nor tax, because 
the amount one receives in dividend equals the charges made for the 
land one holds.

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