Nazi Labour criminalises Gypsies

gaismair gaismair at
Mon Jul 29 23:12:03 BST 2002

Can I also warn against the infantile stupidity of throwing the very 
specific and very real terms of 'nazi' and 'fascist' around in this 
way. I have no problem with harsh criticism of New Labour, but 
clearly they are not a nazi organisation, nor is this a fascist 
state. To say otherwise, and to see no difference between the Labour 
Party and the BNP, Blair or Hitler; or to see no difference between 
the limited capatalist democracy with certain freedoms that we have, 
with the murder machine of totalitarian fascism is an amazing 
admission of political bankruptcy. Not only is it plainly not the 
case (I haven't noticed concentration camps and mass round ups and 
killings of trade unionists and socialists in my area recently, have 
you?), but it actually begins to disarm the real and necessary fight 
against the far right - after all, if we already are ruled by 
fascists then what's the big deal about the BNP? So please, get real 
and at the same time do some political growing up...

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