[diggers350] Govt's racist traveller policies

obtuseangle1974 at aol.com obtuseangle1974 at aol.com
Tue Jul 30 16:12:56 BST 2002

Hi everyone

Not sure whether I've introduced myself or not. My name's Martyn and I live 
in York. The traveller issue interests me as I've just finished writing a 
book about called Roma: A People On The Edge which explores the history, 
culture and persecution of the Romani people down through the centuries. It 
also explores the current situation in the UK and continental Europe.

It should be available by October but I'll keep you posted if anyone is 
interested in getting hold of a copy.


PS: Can I also express my agreement with the overuse of the words 
Nazi/Hitler. There is a real difference between the neo-liberal politics of 
New Labour and National Socialism, it's an easy attention grabbing charge but 
if it gets repeated too often it loses its potency.

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