Global Day of Action for the World Summit in Johannesburg

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Sat Jun 29 11:42:27 BST 2002

>From Aseed Europe:

Global Day of Action against a Corporate UN
August 31 2002 

Stop big corporations and their lobby groups from influencing the World Summit in Johannesburg. Our definition of sustainability is not the same as theirs. Our future is not their future.

Not going to the World Summit in Johannesburg? Do you have something to say about the future of our planet? Do you oppose the neo-liberal globalisation? If so, join us in a global day of action to demonstrate against the corporate take-over of our planet.

On September 1st 2002 business has organised a Business Day at the World Summit to show off their new sustainable initiatives to the world. We want to use this weekend to show the world that corporations have not suddenly become saviours of our planet. On A31 we encourage groups all over the planet to join in a Global Day of Action. About 60.000 people are expected at the summit in Johannesburg. In our opinion it is more effective to use the opportunity to spread our message locally. We want to stimulate local groups to go out and protest against the negative influence transnational corporations have on the environment and humanity, and show how sustainable development has been co-opted by big business. Organise a 'NoLogo' march in the shopping centre, occupy the headquarter or local office of your favourite TNC, drop a banner from a corporate television building, reclaim urban space by guerrilla gardening, subvertise greenwash advertisements in the streets, do some street-theatre, dance against corporations, show your alternative lifestyle and solutions or do something original and creative! It is also possible to do something in the weeks before or after the A31 Global Day of Action.

The UN-Corporated Campaign: Get involved

A SEED Europe started the UN-Corporated project to counter the increasing influence that transnational corporations and their lobby groups have within the United Nations. The aim is to build a collective resistance movement against the corporate influence in the UN. We want to bring grassroots groups from all over Europe together to strengthen their activities before and during the World Summit in September 2002. UN-Corporated wants to connect activists with critical research groups, by providing information about the UN, corporations and their agendas and events. We hope to stimulate grassroots groups to organise or join local actions.

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