Activist Margaret Jones imprisoned

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i saw that Activist Margaret Jones imprisoned

she took stonehenge to court over
our rights to walk along a road, didnt she?


Dr Margaret Jones was imprisoned by the Bristol Magistrates Court on Tuesday 
19th February for her beliefs in peace.
Dr Margaret Jones was imprisoned by the Bristol Magistrates Court on Tuesday 
19th February for her beliefs in peace. Her crimes were painting the 
following slogans on the foreign office building: What have Iraqi\'s ever 
done to deserve this?: Brit bombs on Iraq, shame: UK Iraq policy equals 
atrocities and failure. Other so said crimes included, cutting a hole in the 
fence at Alermarston where nuclear weapons are kept and breaching the peace 
by sitting in a puddle at Fas Lane.
Her statement at the magistrates Office was: Trident is a war crime. Bombing 
and sanctions on Iraq are war crimes. The question of my income is 
irrelevant. I have taken direct action against these things to protest our 
involvement in crime. Our present Governments slavishness to the United 
States is leading us deeper and deeper into complicity with Us acts of 
genocide. We should be speaking out against American sponsored massacres - 
taking a stand. Instead we are squandering the funds that could be used for 
schools and hospitals on carrying out killings and preparing for further 
killings. over the past 10 years we have helped to kill half a million 
children in Iraq. We have bombed Afganistan to help the US build an oil pipe 
line there. We use tax payers money to maintain a weapon that wipe out one 
third of the planet - that endangers us more then it threatens anyone elas. 
In a few weeks or months the United States will again launch all out war 
against Iraq - against a society that has been knocked to its knees and 
whose people are only slowly re-building normal lives in spite of us and the 
United States. No doubt the British Government will be dragged along to play 
its part in justifying the slaughter. The puppet Governments set up in 
Europe after Nazi occupation had more honour than this. When will we all 
stand up and say, enough Not In Our Name, This Terrorism Has Got To Stop.\'
Margarets last words before being taken away by three large security guards 
were, \' the government are criminals and not myself.\' She was supported 
throughout the trial by other members of the Bristol Peace Vigil and we ask 
that you write to Margaret and lend her your support. Her new address is: 
Eastwood park prison, Eastwood Park, Falfield, Wotton Under Edge, 

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