Resistance is Fertile! - 6th meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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Wed Mar 27 15:51:59 GMT 2002

Resistance is Fertile! (see SchNEWS 346) The UN circus of government 
delegates, technical experts and business lobbyists will be 
contemplating the state of the world's biodiversity resources over 
hors d'oeuvres at the Sixth meeting of the Convention on Biological 
Diversity (CBD)in Den Haag, Holland.. After years of negotiations, 
the CBD will soon have 2 legally binding international protocols - 
the Biosafety Protocol and "The Law of the Seed" (International 
Undertaking.) Neither has the power to stop the spread of GMOs, 
protect farmers rights or stop finite resources being plundered for 
profit - once again demonstrating the UN's lack of political will and 
power. Fortunately another reality is possible! During these weeks 
other voices will call for radical change in agriculture and 
international trade, for reclaiming our genetic resources (free the 
seed!), against GMOs and patents on life and against the corporate 
control of food and agriculture. Preliminary Programme (to be 
confirmed): April 6-7 Common Ground. A series of workshops bringing 
together farmers, activists and people involved in new rural 
initiatives. April 8-19 Resistance is Fertile ! Actions, workshops 
and festivities. Tackling issues of food, agriculture and 
biodiversity in the age of economic globalisation. April 17. Global 
Day of Action for Farmer's Struggle (called by Via Campesina. - To find out more about Resistance is Fertile!, 
email - rif at rif, c/o ASEED Europe, PO Box 92066, 1090AB, 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 

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