Self-Help forum 16-18 July in Sheffield

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Fri May 31 19:48:35 BST 2002

Tools for Change!!

Three hundred people, ten marquees, three days, countless workshops,
discussions, advice sessions and a chance to meet people from all over the
UK who are changing their own and others' lives. That's the Groundswell
self help forum.

>From 16 to 18 July, Groundswell will be hosting the fourth national self
help forum in Sheffield. This year's theme is Tools for Change: in addition
to an enormous variety of debates, seminars and discussions the forum will
also feature practical workshops where you can learn skills to help you and
your group take action in your local area.

The forum also offers a great opportunity to find out more about groups and
projects working on homelessness issues around the UK. Pick each others'
brains, swap experiences (good and bad) and come home with a new 'toolkit'
of ideas and skills to use in tackling homelessness in your community.

There'll also be lots of good food, great entertainment (entertainers
welcome!), a crèche, a chill-out zone, time and space for informal chat,
and more. And it's entirely FREE to people with limited resources!

Contact Groundswell for more information and a booking form.
elmfield house, 5 stockwell mews, london SW9 9GX 
Tel: 020 7737 5500 
Email: forum at

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