Zimbabweans support Liberty & Livelihood

msbrown at boltblue.net msbrown at boltblue.net
Fri Oct 4 18:13:35 BST 2002

The article "Zimbabweans Support Liberty & Livelihood", in referring to the 
Countryside Alliance-organised March in London on 22nd September (which took in 
as many of 400,000 people, who were marching to demonstrate against the 
imminent banning of foxhunting and the general threat to the rural way of 
life) - may be right to assert sympathy with the genuine concerns of those who 
took part in the march here in London as opposed to the "Countryside Alliance" 
organisers who are comprised on some of the richest landowners and financial 
benefactors in the country. However, the reality which this article touches on 
without explicitly saying so is that this domination of the vested interests of 
the rich and powerful behind the scenes of what would at-first appear to be the 
groundswell of rural disquiet in England perhaps best reflects how the sabotage 
of a 'rural issue' in Zimbabwe by the black ruling class is akin to the 
sabotage of rural issues in the UK by a privileged minority - namely large 
landwoners, the aristocracy and those in positions of immense wealth involved 
in property and financial institutions.


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